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Antalya KOPRULU KANYON Rafting

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Rafting is a great way to spend time with your family. Don't think that you are too old for such things or your child is too young for it. A trip to the river (Trips) is different from other holidays. Where else can you experience the excitement of paddling by feeling Rapids, relaxing on the river's own private sand beaches, playing paddle games, enjoying the delicious local cuisine cooked for you?

RAFTING is an environmentally friendly company that actively participates in conservation practices that minimize our impact on the natural environment. We encourage embrace the natural beauty of forests and fragile ecosystems.For hundreds of years, the stormy rains of Antalya have shaped the Koprulu Canyon valleys and created favorable trails for Rafting and Canyoning. Koprucay well-known as one of the best rivers of Turkey located between unique intensive breezes of tea scented cedar and pine trees. Rafting (Rafting) options cater to all age groups of 7 and over without any health problems. Soft extensions ideal for watching nature make you feel great on your boat and canoe ride. Rafting & Canyoning guides will provide fun and unforgettable moments thanks to their professional experience. RAFTİNGO is one of the oldest known Rafting RAFT Companies in Antalya.

Depending on the rules of Rafting Federation Antalya Rafting Outdoor Sports has a total of 22 years experience in Koprulu Canyon National Park since 1994. We are pleased to host our local and foreign guests to serve with friendly staff trained in natural sports,with guides who knows Beskonak Koprulu Canyon well from childhood,we desire satisfy your interest and participation in the best conditions materials and equipment of the best quality.

We offer daily round trip transfers from Antalya City Center, Manavgat, Side, Alanya, Belek, Kundu, Beldibi, Göynük, Kemer to Köprülü Kanyon Beş Konak every day of the week.For Antalya Rafting & Canyoning Adventure Tours Call now or get quick information by filling out the contact form below. Don't miss the best deals on Rafting prices and special offers.

Antalya 7/24 RAFTINGO Contact Lines for Rafting, Zipline, Trekking, Canyoning, Tent Camping and more.

TEL 1 : (+90) 555 059 9907

TEL 2 : (+90) 534 820 1169



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ADRES : Boz yaka yolu Beş Konak Köprülü Kanyon Manavgat ANTALYA.

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