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On the most beautiful road to Koprulu Kanyon

If you are looking for fun, excitement and some adrenaline, then you will definitely find it here with us. With our custom made tours, you will experience some of the most beautiful landscapes in the area and explore the nature like you never have before. Here are Antalya Rafting programs with rates;

Rafting: A great way to spend time with whole family! You are never too old to enjoy a nice trip on the river and it is perfectly safe for children, too. Rowing games, rest on the delta beaches with sound of water and enjoying the delicious traditional meals are just a few highlights of your day with us. Raftingo is an environment friendly organization and actively takes part in all regulations that protect the nature and endangered ecosystems. Here are some of the activities we offer;

- Rafting

- Family trips

- Canyoning

- Bucks & Hens Activities

- Kayaking

- Youth programs

- Trekking

- Club trips

- Zipline

- Tented Camps

- Class field trips

- Scout camps

For hundreds of years, the rain showers in Antalya have created Koprulu Kanyon and shaped it into an outstanding beauty that is perfectly enjoyable for rafting and canyoning, Kopru Cay surrounded by cedar and pine forest, in particular. Rafting is suitable for all groups of age above 7 years. Raftingo is one of the oldest rafting companies in the region of Antalya and offers unforgettable moments in the nature with the most experienced guides in the business.

Raftingo is a member of and has been operating in Koprulu Kanyon National Park since 1994 with safety and quality at the top of its priority list. Our well educated guides that spent years in the region are the very best. Raftingo offers a variety of activities like rafting, canyoning, trekking, zipline for all budgets. Remember that rafting is not just about some fun and adrenaline but it is also a sport that has to be instructed under supervision of the licensed professionals. We offer all those perfectly safe fun activities with the best prices on the market.

We have daily return transfers from

RAFTİNGO Our rafting restaurant

Antalya 7/24 RAFTINGO Contact Lines for Rafting, Zipline, Trekking, Canyoning, Tent Camping and more.

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