Follow the rules for suitable Rafting Trip - Rafting Tour İn Antalya

Follow the rules for suitable Rafting Trip;

  • Do not wrap any rope around your wrist, arm, leg or neck! This can be dangerous as a result of falling.
  • Do not put your feet outside the safety line while rowing. You are likely to be damaged when you hit a rock.
  • Do not jump until gets permission from your river guide. If someone falls off the boat, simply pull them back from the top of the life jacket (from the shoulder section) into the boat.
  • Knowing how to swim does not mean that you will not use a life jacket helmet and other equipment.
  • It is important to act with the team during the specified course.
  • Completing the boats without overturning is important to avoid possible accidents.
  • While rafting, if you fall as a result of swirling reverse currents or hitting the rocks in front of the waterfall you should stretch your feet laying towards the direction of the current, should not try to stand up when you are in a waterfall.
  • During the fall, it is necessary don't try to grab the friend of the group next to him, but to grab the rope of the boat.
  • While in the rafting boat, there may be long, pointed tree branches at the edge of the river. Your guide will help you overcome such obstacles by leaning or commanding you to paddle.
  • As you can see, Rafting is a team business and team sports.
  • It is important for you not to go beyond the rules explained to you both in terms of your life safety and life safety of your friends.
  • You can watch the training videos on the subject under the training videos on our website

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