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süper combo

5 activities in 1 day with Rafting+ Jeep Safari+ ATV Quad Safari or Buggy Safari+ Zipline+ Fishing Tour+ Lunch and round trip transportation included.



combo max

The most preferred 4 activitiy packages in 1 day including Jeep safari+ Selge ancient city+ Tazı Canyon+ Man rocks+ Lunch and round trip transportation included.



mini combo

The most preferred 3 activitiy packages in 1 day including rafting Tour + Canyoning Tour + Zipline Tour + Lunch and round trip transportation included.



Rafting turu

Rafting tour program, route information, round-trip transfer, Transportation routes, campaigns updated every week including lunch and more detailed



scuba diving antalya

Discover the most beatiful places of the sea. Diving tour program, route information, campaigns updated every week including lunch and more



tekne turu antalya

Yacht & Boat tour program, approximately 6 hours jurney, round-trip transfer, campaigns updated every week including lunch and more detailed



jeep safari antalya

Jeep safari tours, parkour information, transportation accessibility from Antalya and its districts, for campaigns



Atv quad safari antalya

ATV quad Safari Tours, transportation from the center and districts of Antalya, Participation conditions, Campaigns



buggy safari antalya

Buggy Safari Tours, transportation from the center and districts of Antalya, Participation conditions, Campaigns




Canyoning tour parkour information, round trip transportation from Antalya and its districts, tour duration, Campaigns and more detailed



Antalya zipline

Zipline parkour, terms of participation, transportation options with or without transfer, Lunch, Guiden including & Campaigns



kamping antalya

Stay in nature by setting up a tent on the banks of the river. For those who want to relax away from the noise of the city and listen to nature



tazı canyon

Tazi Canyon tours, where is and how to go to Tazi Canyon? for the Campaign package tours detailed



green kanyon antalya

Antalya Green Canyon Tour+ Lunch and round trip transportation included detailed information



pamukkale tour Antalya

Discover Pamukkale with its unique naturally occurring mysterious travertines and wonderful history



sulu ada adrasan

Adrasan Sulu Island tour with special prices including round-trip transportation and lunch



parasiling antalya

Feel the city and the wind with parasailing in the sky. We are waiting for you!



cappadocia tour antalya tours

It is one of the must-see places in Turkey. Round-trip transportation is included



st didier diving Antalya

Saint Didier wreck diving, tour program Antalya warship wrecks



relax boat tekne

Discover the Mediterranean with a convenient and comfortable sea voyage



Antalya Tours 1

Discovering Antalya, one of the most beautiful cities in the world


Antalya Rafting Tour & Adventure, River Rafting Tours

Antalya Rafting Tours

Rafting Tours is a great way to spend time with your family.Antalya Rafting Tour Don't think that you are too old for such things or your child is too young for it. A trip to the river (Trips) is different from other holidays. Where else can you experience the excitement of paddling by feeling Rapids, relaxing on the river's own private sand beaches, playing paddle games, enjoying the delicious local cuisine cooked for you?

RAFTING is an environmentally friendly company that actively participates in conservation practices that minimize our impact on the natural environment. We encourage embrace the natural beauty of forests and fragile ecosystems. For hundreds of years, the stormy rains of Antalya have shaped the Koprulu Canyon valleys and created favorable trails for Rafting and Canyoning. Koprucay well-known as one of the best rivers of Turkey located between unique intensive breezes of tea scented cedar and pine trees. Rafting (Rafting) options cater to all age groups of 7 and over without any health problems. Soft extensions ideal for watching nature make you feel great on your boat and canoe ride. Rafting & Canyoning guides will provide fun and unforgettable moments thanks to their professional experience. Raftingo is one of the oldest known Rafting ''Raft'' Companies in Antalya.

Depending on the rules of Rafting Federation Antalya Rafting Outdoor Sports has a total of 22 years experience in Koprulu Canyon National Park since 1994. We are pleased to host our local and foreign guests to serve with friendly staff trained in natural sports,with guides who knows Beskonak Koprulu Canyon well from childhood,we desire satisfy your interest and participation in the best conditions materials and equipment of the best quality.

We offer daily round trip transfers from Antalya City Center, Manavgat, Side, Alanya, Belek, Kundu, Beldibi, Göynük, Kemer to Koprulu Kanyon Bes Konak every day of the week. For Antalya Rafting & Canyoning Adventure Tours Call now or get quick information by filling out the contact form below. Don't miss the best deals on Rafting prices and special offers.

Side Adventure Tours, All-in-One Side Rafting Tour

Side Rafting | Side Adventure Tours | All-in-One Side Tour

Rafting Side;

Rafting Side tours, the most popular of Antalya tours, continue to offer adventure and daily activities that you can not get enough of, at the best prices special to your budget. Double your excitement by taking Rafting, Buggy Safari, Jeep Safari, Zipline tours on the same day. Do not miss the opportunity to have a full day of fun among the naturally formed trails, magnificent natural beauties and history in the Koprulu Canyon region. Every day of the week, we pick you up from Side district with our new model transportation vehicles and drop you back to where we bought you. All you have to do is have fun. You can make a quick reservation by calling us for weekly updated prices and package campaigns information about our rafting and other tours. We are waiting for you on Rafting Side Adventure Tours.

Rafting Tour Rules and Safety, Rafting Tours İn Antalya

Antalya Rafting Tour Rules and Safety | Rafting Tours

Rafting Tour;

As rafting is a pleasant activity, it carries some important risks due to its nature. However, the risk dimension is very low if we act according to the instructions and rules to minimize these rules. For a safe and high adrenaline dose rafting activity, it is essential to pay attention to the following points before the tour. As a team, we put your life safety the first and ensure that these rules are followed.

  • If you do not have a health problem, the average age is 7 years old and above.
  • If you have any health problems and surgery that require us to know, you should

definitely inform the authorized guides before the tour.

  • Metal accessories: gold, silver are recommended not to be worn during the tour (imprint, earrings, anklets, etc.). Our guests who will participate in rafting tours choose shoes that have low slippery feature and can be entered into the water as the rocks will be slippery, if they are not available, provide them with shoes that have these features according to all foot sizes.
  • As it is a wet sport, you need to have a towel to dry it.
  • Shorts, bikini and swimwear for ladies, shorts for men
  • If you are pregnant, it is strictly not suitable and forbidden to participate in this activity

for your health.

Antalya Tent Camp

Antalya Tent Camp | Koprulu Canyon Camp Area | Tent Camp

Tent Camp;

With the Raftingo in the natural environment, Antalya Koprulu Canyon, which has the most beautiful nature and unique historical texture of the world, also sets up a tent for you. Whether you want to bring your tent yourself, let us set it up. You can stay safely by the river and we guarantee that you will return with unforgettable experiences in your life .

Discover The Nature with Your Children

Discover The Nature with Your Children | Koprulu Canyon

Based on years of experience, we believe in the importance of family trips. The place you go doesn't need to be too expensive or ultra luxury, don't forget the concept of expensive doesn't matter for kids. We think that a simple day trip or a camping holiday will be more adventurous and healthy instead of long travels with your children. On family holidays, you will get an experience where you can stay with your children and discover aspects that you have never seen before. Parents are under pressure with the pace of life and the intense work it brings, and this pressure can reduce love in the family from time to time. Believing breathing for a few days will have positive effects on your family. Your holiday in our Antalya Andventures day trip or a few day camp areas will be filled with permanent memories. Your children will recognize nature and be happy with what they have learned with you. Raftingo Advanture will continue to create awareness by creating the safest and most beautiful parkours for your family. Before deciding on family trips in Antalya, you should definitely check our website.

Where Rafting Trips Take Place?

Where Rafting Trips Take Place? | Rafting Tours Antalya

The most important tourism center of our country in Turkey Koprucay became the busiest daily tour region with its historic and natural beauty. The region, which is preferred by locals and especially the most foreigners, is a region where everyone who is 7 years old and above participates rafting tour. The age of rafting in Koprulu Canyon is 7 years and over if it does not have any health problems.

Tour information before the rafting tour

Tour İnformation Before The Rafting Trip | Antalya Rafting Tours

Tour İnformation Before The Rafting Trip;

As a team, before we start the tour, we provide our participants with visual information about what to do half an hour and then we answer all the questions you want to know and learn about the tour. During the tour, you will be informed about what to do and what don't to do and how to use your equipment.

Rafting Tour Guides, Antalya Rafting Tours

Our Rafting tour Guides Are Professionals | Antalya Rafting

Our Rafting Tour Guides Are Professionals;

It is not necessary to have special skills or to have a private course for days to do rafting in Beskonak Koprulu Canyon in Antalya.Under the guarantee of Antalya Adventures, we warranty that with trained guides who know the area very well and trained in first aid you can safely join our tour in Kopru Cay, which is a natural wonder with its clean,clear water and abundant foamy waterfall currents.

Importance of the Lifejacket During the River Rafting

Importance of the Lifejacket During the River Rafting

Dear Rafting lovers Our recommendation to you as the Antalya Adventures team Rafting must be done by experts who know the river and the region well, who have experience and knowledge in first aid. After boarding and getting on the rafting boats, you should definitely listen carefully to what your guide says and do not act in the opposite direction. Always wear your life jacket on the river. The life jacket should sit comfortably. Always contact your guide before removing your jacket, even in a quiet area.

Who Could Not Do The Rafting

Who Could Not Do The Rafting

It is strictly forbidden for pregnant women to go rafting without informing our guides. You can read and see the reasons in the participation form we will give you. Raftingo always thinks about you, its esteemed guests.

Rules To Be Followed While Touring Rafting

Rules To Be Followed While Touring Rafting

There are certain rules to be followed during the Rafting Tour in Koprulu Canyon. We recommend you follow the instructions given by the tour guide without hesitation in order not to turn fun into sadness.Always wear your life jacket on the river. The life jacket should sit comfortably. Our priority is your life safety.

Age Limit

Antalya Koprulu Canyon | Who Can Do Rafting | Age Limit

Antalya Antalya Adventure Tours company is far ahead of other standard rafting companies with its parkour, teams and equipment suitable for all age groups. Under the guarantee of Antalya Adventures, you are safe with its team of experts on the Kopru Cay, which is a natural wonder in clean, clear water and abundant foamy waterfall currents.

Antalya Before Rafting, Rules To Know And Follow

Antalya Before Rafting | Rules To Know And Follow

For your life safety, you should pay attention to some rules before rafting. For a safe rafting activity with a high dose of safe adrenaline, the following points must be carefully considered before the tour. As a team, we put your life safety first and ensure that these rules are followed.

How to do Raftring? Enjoy The Rafting

How to do Raftring? Enjoy The Rafting | Antalya Rafting

How to do Raftring Enjoy The Rafting, Antalya enjoy raftingAs it is known, it is a sport that can be done in harmony with the team. You don't have to have very special abilities to be able to do rafting in Koprulu Canyon national park located in the borders of Antalya province in our country.As we said at the beginning, you will be able to act in synchronization with your boat crew and follow the commands of your expert guide and will integrate with your boat in a short time and enjoy the water and waterfalls.

Follow the rules for suitable Rafting Trip, Rafting Tour İn Antalya

Follow the rules for suitable Rafting Trip | Rafting Tours

While rafting, if you fall as a result of swirling reverse curreFollow The Rules For Suitable Rafting Trip;

  • Do not wrap any rope around your wrist, arm, leg or neck! This can be dangerous as a result of falling.
  • Do not put your feet outside the safety line while rowing. You are likely to be damaged when you hit a rock.
  • Do not jump until gets permission from your river guide. If someone falls off the boat, simply pull them back from the top of the life jacket (from the shoulder section) into the boat.
  • Knowing how to swim does not mean that you will not use a life jacket helmet and other equipment.
  • It is important to act with the team during the specified course.
  • Completing the boats without overturning is important to avoid possible accidents.
  • While rafting, if you fall as a result of swirling reverse currents or hitting the rocks in front of the waterfall you should stretch your feet laying towards the direction of the current, should not try to stand up when you are in a waterfall.
  • During the fall, it is necessary don't try to grab the friend of the group next to him, but to grab the rope of the boat.
  • While in the rafting boat, there may be long, pointed tree branches at the edge of the river. Your guide will help you overcome such obstacles by leaning or commanding you to paddle.
  • As you can see, Rafting is a team business and team sports.
  • It is important for you not to go beyond the rules explained to you both in terms of your life safety and life safety of your friends.
  • You can watch the training videos on the subject under the training videos on our website www.raftingo.com.

The funniest Rafting Company of Antalya

The funniest Rafting Company of Antalya | Antalya Rafting

Under the guarantee of Antalya Adventures, we warranty that with trained guides who know the area very well you can safely to do rafting in Bes Konak Koprulu Canyon , which is a natural wonder with its clear water and sparkling waterfalls, If you chose Antalya Adventure, it means "you have a lot to be experienced".

Instruction Of Rafting Tours

Instruction Of Rafting Tours | Antalya Rafting Tours

As a team of Antalya Adventures, you will be informed about the half an hour of information (instruction) before starting the rafting tour and all the questions and thoughts in your mind, what to do and how to use your equipment.

Antalya Koprulu Canyon, Kopruchay, Rafting Tour Program

Antalya Koprulu Canyon | Kopru Chay | Rafting Tour Program

Program hours and everything you need to know about Rafting Tour in Antalya is in RAFTİNGO Rafting Adventures now. Rafting Start time, Rafting start point, Rafting preparation, Rafting restaurant break time, Rafting fun paddle games, rafting info, rafting end point, transfer departure times, rafting information;

08:30 Transfer vehicles departure time (changes according to the guests location)

10:30 Meeting at our restaurant

10:45 Information about rafting (info)

11:00 Wearing rafting clothes

11:20 Ride the vehicles and move to the rafting start point

11:40 Rafting start

11:50 Rafting excitement

13:00 Group games by the river, Jumping from tree or rock into water

14:00 Restaurant meal time

15:30 Finish point

15:45 Dressing

16:00 Returning with the vehicles arrived

NOTE: Guests arriving with their own vehicles must be at the meeting point of RAFTİNGO at the latest at 10:30. You can call us from the contact section for detailed information...

Rafting Restaurant Menu, Open Buffet Lunch

Rafting Restaurant Menu | Open Buffet Lunch | Antalya Rafting

Standard Tour package Menu:

  • Roasted natural chicken skewers
  • Bulgur pilaf
  • Seasonal salads or seasonal fruits
  • Pasta

Our all-pack normal Rafting tour menu is open buffet, soft non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks are not included in our package tour prices. The variety of meals for our VIP special guests can be shaped upon your request, please call us for details from contact forms and phone numbers in the contact area .Information about the VIP Menu is in the rest of the article.

Vip menu:

  • Fresh trout cooked in embers
  • Roasted meat in embers
  • Natural plateau lamb kebab
  • Seasonal fruits according to the season
  • Seasonal salads
  • French fries

VIP Menu is a special package that we have prepared carefully for our guests who are not included in our standard tour fare packages.

What is Rafting, How to do Rafting, What is the Difficulty Level

What is Rafting | How to do Rafting | What is the Level

What is rafting?

Where the water flow rate is sufficient, to row with inflatable boats and canoes with or against the current in synchronizationed groups accompanied by a guide, to struggle during the course of the river by overcoming the possible raps and obstacles that you will encounter is called Rafting.

How to do rafting?

Rafting tracks are divided into classes according to the regional difficulty levels of rivers in the world. We would like to talk about how rafting can be done on our track with a +3 difficulty level in Koprulu Canyon.

Koprucay region ...

It is not necessary to have certain knowledge and experience to do rafting. All rafting lovers who do not have 7 or more health problems can rafting with peace of mind. Visual and live information 20 minutes before the tour tells you how you should behave in the river, what can and should not be done. Rest assured as there will be a professional guide in the boat throughout the tour. Some perceive falling from the boat as failure, but we call it as a different dimension of adrenaline. After all, you don't fall into the middle of the ocean. There are no sharks in the river waiting for eating you . It is natural to have fears for those who have never done rafting before ,but once you do, we guarantee that you will come back again and again. Did you know that rafting in the river is 94% safer than driving by car in the traffic!

Koprulu Canyon, Rafting Parkour Information, Track Map

Koprulu Canyon | Rafting Parkour Information | Track Map

We have created a different dimension for your adventure spirit by creating track areas that are high in adrenaline and appeal to all ages. Raftingo Parkour Length, rafting parkour map, rafting rapits information is available in the Koprulu Canyon national park area within the borders of Antalya province in our country.

Antalya Raftingo, About Us, Rafting Tours İn Antalya

Antalya Raftingo | About Us - Rafting Tours İn Antalya Beskonak

Antalya Rafting Tours;

We have been active since 1996 in Antalya on Rafting in Koprulu Canyon. Almost all of our experienced guides are made up from young people of the region who know and recognize the Region. Our Mission is to improve ourselves day by day and to introduce our region in the best way in the national arena.

Raftingo Sport Company is a first class event production company. Our expertise is to follow with the professional application specializing in the innovation, production and management of unique concepts and events in the entertainment market, nature sports, media and outdoors. Our philosophy is to ensure that every experience has a fun identity and relates each event to a beneficiary related to a social development or environmental project. Then a 'Nature Sports Company' event is to make a lasting impression with the participants, sponsors and the community.
Raftingo Rafting Tours in Antalya have been working for 22 years with the unique nature of Koprulu Canyon to satisfy our participants with unusual tour options that you could not get enough. Undoubtedly Turkey's most beautiful and intense rafting place Beskonak located in Antalya national park, day by day continues to be talked of its name in the national field .If you have not seen Koprulu Canyon yet you should definitely visit it, where has become a frequent destination for 8-9 thousand local foreign guests daily in the summer season, where transportation is easily done from Antalya, Kundu, Belek, Side, Alanya and Kemer districts. With RAFTİNGO, you will have the privilege to experience all these beauties differently. Rafting, Canyoning, Zipline, Trekking You can continue your adventure from where you left off by staying in a camping house with bungalow-style wood, or by setting up a tent in our camping areas with tents. Choose the tour you want to join and leave the rest to us. You can get detailed information by filling out the reservation form below.

Antalya Adventure Tours, Activities, Best Tour Options in Antalya

Antalya Adventure Tours Activities | Best Tour in Antalya

Antalya is a city full of different activities during the day and at night. So where and which tour program can those participants plan their vacation in Antalya? We have prepared the most up-to-date and economical tour programs list for you.

The best tour activities in Antalya;

  • Rafting in Koprulu canyon
  • Canyoning tour
  • Zipline tour
  • Trekking walking tours
  • Jeep safari tour
  • Buggy safari tour
  • ATV Quad Safari tour
  • Scuba diving tour
  • Yacht tours to mysterious coves
  • Parasiling
  • Paragliding

If you are in Antalya and looking for a different adventure activity, you can add excitement and color to your holiday by joining any of the tours on our list.

Antalya Rafting & Buggy Safari Tours, Campaign Tour Packages

Antalya Rafting & Buggy Safari Tours | Campaign Tour Packages

Buggy Safari in Antalya & Rafting

We offer you the opportunity to have a double adventure in 1 day by combining Buggy Safari and Rafting tours in Antalya. Buggy safari vehicles have 4 wheels and are for two people and you do not need to have a driver's license. Thanks to the security measures and professional guides, swimming is not required on the Rafting tour. You can purchase a 3-hour Rafting tour with its unique natural tracks and a 1-hour Buggy safari tour with the best prices by following our campaign tour packages that we update every week. Our daily adventure activities are organized in Koprulu Canyon region. Whether you come with your own vehicle or request transportation from us, just have fun. Take your place in advance by making an early reservation for the Rafting & Buggy safari two-in-one package tour. CALL us to experience different tours and adventures in Antalya.

Alanya Rafting & Jeep Safari Tours, Daily Two Tours in One Packages

Alanya Rafting & Jeep Safari Tours | Daily Two Tours

Alanya Rafting and Jeep Safari Tours;

Wouldn't you like to experience Rafting and other adventure tours at the best prices in Alanya? The unique nature of Alanya hosts very beautiful tracks for alternative adventure tours. Rafting tours in Alanya now guarantee that you will have exciting moments with Jeep safari tours. Thanks to our shuttle vehicles that depart every day of the week, especially from Alanya center, you will not be able to get enough of adrenaline-filled adventure. You can combine Jeep Safari and Rafting tour together and buy them with the best prices. We recommend a day full of adventure in nature to our guests who are bored from the sea and sand in Alanya. To experience Rafting + Jeep Safari tours with us in Alanya Koprulu Canyon CALL us for details of the Campaign and information about adventure tours in Alanya.

Raftingo Rafting Tour İn Antalya Mission & Vision

Antalya Adventure Mission And Vision

Antalya Adventures Mission & Vision;

  • Our first rule for Rafting Antalya is to ensure your life safety. As Our Priority is People-Oriented Service, Safety Precautions Have Great Importance For Our Company In Terms Of Your Life Safety.
  • Our company works to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level without sacrificing service and quality in Antalya Manavgat district.
  • It insures all of our guests who participate our tours and it is under the scope of assurance.
  • It gives you the right to choose by creating 4 different parkours and 4 different sports areas so that you can expand your choice areas and have a more enjoyable and fun holiday.
  • While starting and performing the first Canyoning Tour, it creates awareness in the sector with its professional staff, guide service and quality equipment that it trains and grows within its body by providing it to become more fun with its expert staff.
  • It provides comfort along the way with the latest transfer vehicles.
  • You can experience beautiful and unforgettable moments and memories full of fun, adrenaline and animations.
  • Makes our entertainment, adrenaline and animations permanent with HD quality video and photo shooting services.
  • It offers accommodation for the student groups and the guests who want to spend the night by the natural wonder Bes Konak River.
  • For core and large families, Bungalow Style Motels offer accommodation in a unique natural landscape.
  • Provides safe Rafting service by thinking of each age group and creating safe and secure track areas for student groups to introduce rafting.
  • It provides the most suitable price advantages for students and employees of public institutions.
  • We make you feel special and create an unforgettable awareness.
  • It is the leader of its sector in ANTALYA with its Vision, Mission and Quality.
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