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Beautiful Places to Visit and See in Antalya

Antalya is at the top of our distinguishedAntalya trips provinces which are mostly preferred in the holiday plans of our country's locals and foreigners. On our page, detailed information are included about places that are not known for your travel plans in Antalya and its districts must be seen and visited .We advise you do not create a route without looking at the current information we have obtained for you.You will aware the missing colors in your life with the most comprehensive travel site in Turkey. Sit back and enjoy your holiday in Antalya by creating your travel route with us followed information about historical places, buildings, bays, natural areas, districts and ancient cities in Antalya.

Water Sports Activities List

The Best Water Sports in Antalya | Water Sports Activities List

Antalya is one of the most important cities for wet adventure lovers. It is one of the most important provinces in terms of water sports in our country, both with its season and years of experience. If you have vacation plans for Antalya, we recommend you to do one of the following water sports.

List of The Most Beautiful Water Sports Activities in Antalya;

  • Rafting in Koprulu Canyon
  • Scuba Diving - Diving
  • Parasailing
  • Canyoning
  • Jet ski
  • Banana
  • Wakeboard
  • Fly board
  • Jet bott

Places to Visit in Antalya City Center

Places to Visit in Antalya City Center | Most Beautiful Streets

There are dozens of streets in Antalya. The most famous of these and the most beautiful streets to visit are listed below.

The Most Beautiful Streets in Antalya Center;

  • Isiklar Street
  • Lara Street
  • Konyaaltı Street
  • Gulluk Street
  • Yuzuncu Yil Avenue
  • Kapalı Yol
  • Fener Street

Daily Tours in Antalya, The Most Popular Tours of Antalya

Daily Tours in Antalya | The Most Popular Tours of Antalya

If you are thinking of a holiday in Antalya but want this holiday to be full of excitement, passion and adrenaline, here is the list of the most beautiful daily adventure and activity tours that can be done in Antalya;

The Best Adventure Activity Tours in Antalya;

  • Rafting tour in Koprulu Canyon
  • Jeep safari tour
  • ATV Quad safari Tour
  • Jeep Safari Tour
  • Buggy Safari tour
  • Scuba diving
  • Paragliding

You can call us to have unforgettable memories by choosing any of the transportation or non-transportation packages in Antalya and participating in any of the daily activities with your friends or family.

The Most Beautiful Bays of Antalya and Their Names

The Most Beautiful Bays of Antalya and Their Names

There are a number of bays that contribute greatly to Antalya tourism. We recommend you to see these magnificent naturally occurring world wonder bays that literally form the face of Antalya. The names and characteristics of the bays that should definitely go and see in Antalya are included.

Antalya's Most Famous Bays List;

  • Maden (Atbuku) Bay - Kemer
  • Fırnaz Bay - Kas
  • Bostanlık Bay - Kemer
  • Beycik Buku Bay - Kemer
  • Mehmet Ali Buku Bay - Kemer
  • Adrasan Bay - Kumluca
  • Andrea Doria Bay - Finike
  • Buyuk Cakıl Cove - Kas
  • Ceneviz Bay - Kumluca
  • Pirate Bay (Karaoz) - Kumluca
  • Phaselis Bay - Kemer
  • Sazak Bay - Adrasan Kumluca
  • Kral Bay (Delik Deniz) - Alanya
  • Papaz Bay (Papaz Pier) - Kumluca
  • Tersane Bay - Kekova

Duden Waterfall History, About Lara Duden Waterfall

Duden Waterfall | Duden Waterfall History | About Lara Duden

Duden Waterfall;

Duden Waterfall is one of the most visited tourism centers of Antalya due to its fascinating natural beauty. We have included previously unknown information about Duden Waterfall, which is frequented by thousands of local and foreign guests every year. In the history, the name of the Duden waterfall is called Alexander waterfall. According to a rumor in 334 B.C, the commander Alexander the Great watered his horses here while he was going to conquer the Pamphylia region. The waterfall, which takes its source from the Hydroelectric Power Plant rises to the earth at the point called the duden head. The waterfall, known as Alexander Waterfall for many years, has come to the present day as a promenade area with the condition of being open to the public with a decision taken in 1970.

Thanks to its magnificent and natural beauty, it is undoubtedly one of the places to see and visit in Antalya. Duden waterfall flows into the sea from a height of about 40 meters over the cliffs from Lara Caglayan district. The incredibly beautiful natural scenery that spills into the sea is very popular for photographing visitors. It is a place where newlyweds often come to immortalize this natural wonder. If seeing the Duden waterfall in Antalya and experiencing this magnificent natural wonder is not in your holiday plans, we recommend you add it to your list. For more information and details about Duden waterfall, you can call us from our CONTACT numbers and get information about transportation and prices.

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