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Antalya Tazi Canyon, About Tazı Canyon

Tazi Canyon;

Tazi canyon is located approximately 105 km fromTazı canyon the center of Antalya. It is 20 km from the famous Koprulu Canyon Bridge. Most of the road is asphalt and can be reached by passenger cars. Close to arrival about 2 km is Stabilized road. If the lower part of your vehicle is not low and suitable for the terrain, you may experience difficulties. Tazi Canyon has 2 viewing fronts. The first course area is the section with a single tree next to it, showing the gap between the valley and the Koprucay river, which you see in advertisements and pictures. Section 2 shows the hollow valley, where you can see the steep slopes of the canyon on the right, approach 30 meters. Tazi Canyon, which you will be able to watch without taking your eyes for hours, allows you to take magnificent photos. We recommend you come to the region at a time close to sunset. You can CALL us for detailed information for our round-trip Tazi Canyon tours. For seeing and experiencing the magnificent Tazi Canyon that gives such a wonderful view among the Taurus Mountains call us and GET information.

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