Zipline Tour İn Antalya


Zipline is an activity that you can do in Koprulu Canyon with your friends and loved ones with low danger for those who are looking for a different adventure. Where to make the most beautiful zipline in Antalya, Zipline touOur Zipline track has a 250 m rope length built on Kopru Cay. Its equipment is different from rafting equipment. Equipment and protective clothing are provided on the reels that will slide. The zipline tour lasts about half an hour with clothing. Our participants usually prefer to do it together with the rafting tour. Together with the rafting tour, the total tour time is about 4 hours. We have two-in-one campaign packages for a short time. Double your excitement by booking both of them together. Zipline tour reservations must be made at the latest 1 day before.The zipline tour with us is as beautiful as hanging in the air.

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