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Buggy Safari;

Buggy Safari is an exciting activity for those who are looking for different extreme sports. You do not need a driver's license or ID from a driving school to make Buggy Safari. Buggy Safari are a motor vehicle that you can easily use thanks to the information you guides will give before the tour begins. Buggy Safari allows you to pass even the most challenging tracks safely thanks to its reinforced pier. Buggy Safari has its own unique trails. You will get wet on these tracks or travel on muddy dusty roads. For this reason, it is recommended to bring spare clothes before participating in a Buggy Safari tour. The Buggy Safari tour age limit is +18. Younger participants can do Buggy Safari with accompany of parents or guides. Thanks to Buggy Safari tour in Antalya you will reach the peak of adrenaline with its unique trails in the Koprulu Canyon area. Buggy Safari takes about 1 hour. Do not decide without calling us to get the best price information with or without Buggy Safari! Call now to book a Buggy Safari tour!

Buggy Safari tour

What is Buggy & How to Make It? Antalya Buggy Safari Tours

What is Buggy & How to Make It? | Antalya Buggy Safari Tours

What is Buggy?

Buggy is a semi-open land vehicle: which has capacity maximum for 2 people,which has an easy movement and maneuverability even in the most difficult terrain conditions thanks to specially designed robust skeleton, which works on gasoline with its 4-wheel internal combustion,which reaches to 90 km per hour ,vehicle which has an appearance of a small car is called Buggy.

How to Make a Buggy Safari;

Buggy safari is an off-road vehicle in which experience and special skills are not desired, and gives pleasure of driving with a maximum of 2 or 1 person on sometimes dusty and muddy ground depending on the weather conditions on its unique terrain tracks.Buggy safari is an off-road vehicle in which experience and spec Before starting the Buggy safari tour, you will adapt quickly and take short warm-up tours after the expert instructor will inform you about the mechanizm and usage of the vehicle. Driving license is not required to use Buggy safari vehicles. Participants aged 18 and over who do not have any serious health problems can use buggy safari vehicles. If you are under the age of 18, they can get in the vehicle with parents if the guide finds it positive. Buggy safari tours are a very fun and exciting activity, if you want to have such a different experience in Antalya. By CALLINGus, you can book your place in advance . Buggy safari tours last between 45 and 60 minutes, depending on the weather conditions. You can double the excitement you will experience by purchasing the Buggy safari and Rafting tour together. CALL US for discounted package options and more detailed information.

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