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Antalya rafting tour, is done in Turkey's most convenient stream in Koprucay. It is located in the famous Koprulu Canyon Beskonak town in the Koprucay Manavgat district. The region, which was opened for rafting tourism 25 years ago, has been taken under protection within the borders of the national park. Antalya rafting tour Koprulu Canyon parkour is 14 km, which means that rafting lovers struggle with water in the river for about 2 hours. In summer the water flow is less than the winter months, although Turkey is among the best rafting rivers is made and preferred. Koprulu Canyon distance from Antalya region is about 90 km. You can do buggy safari, Jeep safari, Zipline, Tazı canyon walks along with rafting tour. Call to get the most up-to-date and the most affordable or inaccessible price information about rafting tour and other tours in Antalya ! We have rafting tours every day of the week. For safe rafting tours, do not decide without examining the opportunity packages.

Antalya Rafting Tour - Safe Rafting Tour - Koprulu Canyon

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It is important to choose a good rafting company for a safe adveBest Rafting Company;

For nearly 20 years, we have been organizing rafting tours by minimizing risks thanks to our guides who know the Koprucay River by one inch. First of all, we set out with the idea of safety, and offer complete equipment that should be used while providing entertainment and adrenaline. It is important to choose a good rafting company for a safe adventure tour, even if you do not want any experience and practice for rafting in Antalya. Although it is an honor for us to be the Best Rafting Company in Koprulu Canyon, we continue on our way to be the best in the international arena by improving ourselves day by day and trying to be the best. If you want to join a safe rafting tour in Antalya, you know our address.

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Koprulu Canyon Rafting Tour, Koprulu Canyon Rafting Tours, all-iKoprulu Canyon Rafting Tour;

Koprulu Canyon Rafting Tour is called the name of the journey made with groups by crossing the obstacles in the currents in the blue waters on the 14 km parkour with 8 to 10 people inflatable boats. Koprulu Canyon Rafting Tour is the center of entertainment and adrenaline in Antalya. It is a good starting place for those who have never rafting before and are interested in rafting. The difficulty of the course provides an ideal setting for almost everyone. Thanks to the rest breaks during the rafting tour, you will double your fun by swimming in cool waters or body rafting. After the rafting tour, you can enjoy the unique pleasure of nature by eating fish and grill varieties unique to the region along the river. We have rafting tours in the Koprulu Canyon region every day of the week. All guests who want to participate can make a reservation at least 1 day before. Koprulu Canyon Rafting Tour is waiting for you at address adrenaline and fun. CALL for information and details about rafting tours!

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Antalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting is a combination of excitement, aAntalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting;

Antalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting is a combination of excitement, adventure, passion. Thanks to the longest rafting parkour in Koprulu Canyon Region, you can have fun rafting for hours. Antalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting track takes approximately 2.5 hours with breaks. Rafting can be done in almost every season in the region. Swimming is not required for participation in Antalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting tour. Thanks to our professional guides on each rafting boat, you can safely rafting. Antalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting difficulty level is 1 and 2. It means dealing with easy and less dangerous waves. The age limit for Antalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting is +7 and above. The distance from the center of Antalya to the Koprulu Canyon area takes approximately 1.5 hours depending on the traffic by personal vehicle. If you want to join the Antalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting tour, you can call us and take advantage of the price and opportunity CAMPAIGNS. We have transportation vehicles to Koprulu Canyon region every day of the week. Having fun on the Antalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting tour has never been such much fun!

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About Koprulu Canyon Antalya, Koprulu Canyon Rafting AntalyaKoprulu Canyon Antalya;

Koprulu Canyon is the name of the region in the province of Antalya that connects civilizations among red pine forests at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, famous for rafting tours. The region, where thousands of rafting enthusiasts visit, is important for nature tourism. The most popular activity in Koprulu Canyon region is rafting tour. The area between the borders of the national park has been taken under protection and concrete structures are not allowed in order not to spoil its natural beauty. Koprulu Canyon is approximately 85 km from the Antalya region. Transportation to the region is possible by bus or personal vehicles, but it is not easy to find transportation at any time of the week. For this reason, you can experience the rafting adventure to the full by offering round-trip transportation every day of the week, considering our guests who want to join the rafting tour in the Koprulu canyon area. To join the rafting tour in Koprulu Canyon, please make a reservation 1 day before at the latest and ask for the rafting tour program, prices and transportation details.

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Rafting Koprulu Canyon, About Rafting Koprulu CanyonRafting Koprulu Canyon;

Rafting Koprulu Canyon is the name of the place where you will go on an adventurous journey beyond your dreams! With Rafting Koprulu Canyon tours, you will forget all you know while struggling in the cool waters in the heart of nature. When it comes to rafting, the first place that comes to mind is Koprulu Canyon. Koprulu Canyon is a historical stone bridge that connects civilizations to each other, built on the Koprucay river, remaining from the Roman period that makes a canyon. Rafting in such a historical and natural texture of the Taurus mountains is an adventure activity that you cannot find anywhere else. Rafting Koprulu Canyon in Beskonak region, you will struggle with raging waters for hours on a 14 km parkour. Wherever you are, if you haven't done rafting in Koprulu Canyon, we invite you to this exciting journey and we recommend you to enjoy rafting with your loved ones at the best prices. Rafting in Antalya is another beautiful in Koprulu Canyon. CALL us for rafting tour reservation and price information in Koprulu Canyon!

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Antalya Rafting Tour Program, About Rafting Tours ProgramAntalya Rafting Tour program;

Antalya Rafting Tour program, we can also say the to-do list according to the predetermined time before the rafting sport begins. Antalya Rafting Tour program starts when our guests arrive at our meeting point at 11:00 in the morning. Here, a half-hour informative speech is given before starting the rafting tour. What to do when you fall off the boat, how the paddles are pulled, what commands the guide will give, etc. After the informative speech, rafting equipment (helmet, life jacket, paddle) is given to them by going to the changing cabinets and then they are taken to the rafting starting point by getting on our vehicles waiting by us. Groups are created here to accompany each rafting boat with a guide. The 14 km rafting adventure begins at 12:00. Obstacles and waterfalls in the river are passed one by one. A break is given at approximately 13:00. Your rafting tour becomes more enjoyable by organizing activities such as swimming, jumping from high to water, rafting games in the place where you take a break. At the end of the two-hour journey, we come to our meeting point, our restaurant, and the clothes are changed, and wet rafting clothes are put in place. The food is eaten by the river, which is carefully prepared according to your taste. Video images taken while you are rafting during the tour are watched by our participants. Our guests who like videos can buy them if they want. Briefly, the rafting tour program, which we have explained without more detail, ends at 14:00 - 14:30 including breaks and lunch.

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Antalya Koprucay is known as the most popular river of ManavgatAntalya Koprucay;

Antalya Koprucay is among the most exuberant streams of the Mediterranean region. It is located on Bozyaka road of Manavgat district. When the river, which comes from Isparta's Sutçuler district, reaches the town of Beskonak, its enthusiasm also increases. Koprucay takes its name from the name of the historical Koprulu canyon, which is located on the Roman period. It has given life to the region as life water from the old history to the present day. Today, the Koprucay river brought together sports lovers of rafting and brought together its contribution to tourism. It is not enough to describe the bridges in words! It is a region that must be visited in Antalya. If you want to explore the region and Koprucay by rafting on this natural stream, you can get detailed information by CALLING us, you can join your rafting tour and write your name on the exciting adventure.

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You can get detailed information about Rafting Communication, AnRafting Communication;

Rafting Communication ,you can get detailed information calling Antalya rafting contact number +90 534 820 1169 about Koprulu canyon rafting tours including transportation, lunch and tour program. Rafting tour is organized every day of the week and you can get information about price and package details by calling +90 534 820 1169 or by filling out our contact form online.

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Antalya Rafting Reservation, About Antalya Rafting Tour ReservatAntalya Rafting Reservation;

Antalya Rafting Reservation is very simple. You can call +90 534 820 1169 or you can do it by filling the reservation form under our site. Our website is protected by SSL certificate. Your reservations and personal information are protected. You can easily reserve your place with on-site payment option without dealing with transactions such as wire transfer EFT.

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Rafting Beskonak is a water sports activity in its regionRafting Beskonak;

Rafting Beskonak is a water sports activity in its region. Beskonak rafting track, which has 1 and 2 rafting difficulty levels, offers a very good experience for those who will do it for the first time. Rafting helped Beskonak to meet tourism. It has made important contributions to the recognition of natural and historical beauties that have been hidden for years. Rafting can be done in Beskonak region in every season of the year. River rafting is a first in Turkey with this feature. If you want to see Beşkonak region and enjoy rafting in cool waters, you can call us every day of the week and experience this difference with your loved ones.

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Antalya rafting prices, if you want to do rafting in Antalya andAntalya Rafting Tour Prices Fees and Campaign Opportunities;

Antalya rafting prices, if you want to do rafting in Antalya and you are wondering what are the costs of rafting tour and how much money you will spend, here is the information about Antalya rafting prices of the season. Thanks to the CAMPAIGNS organized every week by us, Antalya rafting tour prices continue to offer the most suitable rafting prices and opportunity campaigns with your group or family, without compromising the service quality of the region. For detailed information about Antalya rafting tour prices, you can be informed about the rafting opportunities that are constantly updated by clicking the CAMPAIGNS link of our site. Do not waste time in vain by visiting the site, because we are proud to be the only company in Antalya that provides the most appropriate quality service.

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Antalya rafting is done on the famous Koprucay river that separates Koprulu Canyon Beskonak and Karabuk village. Antalya rafting Karabuk village is located very close to the mosque of Pelit, near the river, our restaurant serves with daily disinfected sinks and shower cabins, equipments at national standards, and rafting meals menu prepared according to the tastes of the guests. It has a daily capacity of 600 people and can provide rafting for large groups without problem . Antalya rafting guides provide you with a safe rafting tour thanks to their river experience and knowing Koprucay since childhood. Thanks to Antalya rafting transportation vehicles, those who do not have personal vehicles can be picked up every day of the week and is provided round trip transportation. If you want to join the rafting tour with us, do not decide on a rafting tour without calling us.

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Rafting Tour Antalya;

Rafting tour Antalya, you will see that all the activities you have participated so far are not as fun as rafting tour! Rafting tour Antalya is crazy and full of adrenaline, you will not even realize how quickly time passes. Rafting tour Antalya, you will see that all the activities you hRafting tours are organized on the Koprucay river of Beskonak village of Manavgat district and its distance from the center of Antalya takes about 80 minutes depending on the density of the traffic. The rafting tour is made at the longest distance of 14 km. Rafting tour time is approximately 2.5 hours with breaks. At the end of the activity you have lunch prepared according to your taste in our restaurant located on the edge of a river with its coolness hitting your face. Rafting tour Thanks to Antalya price packages, you can reach the best prices and you can join the rafting tour with discounts published every day of the week. CALL FOR CAMPAIGNS and detailed information.