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The most beautiful of the Jeep Safari tracks in Antalya is undoubtedly the famous Beskonak Koprulu Canyon located in the Manavgat region. The Koprulu Canyon, located in the form of a valley between the Taurus Mountains and the mountains, is in the foreground with the Rafting sport, but the Jeep safari journey on the magnificent orffroad roads, red pine forests, historical bridges from the ancient Roman period, between the Koprucay river is undoubtedly the choice of those looking for different tours. Although the vehicles are 4x4 off-road vehicles, they can ride up to 10 people. Participants who wish among the Koprulu Canyon Jeep Safari tracks will have the opportunity to reach the famous Tazı Canyon by off-road vehicles. After choosing any of the standard Jeep safari track and special Greyhound canyon tracks, an adventure journey of 2 to 3 hours begins. All Jeep vehicles drivers consist of experts who know the job. Participants who complete the Antalya Koprulu Canyon Jeep Safari tour, who buy a program including meals, will complete their tour by having a local lunch by the river. Participants who take Rafting and Jeep Safari tours together can change the program route and stopover places by the lead guide, depending on the density and number of people of the groups. The Rafting course takes 14 km and 3 hours. Participants generally prefer Rafting + Jeep safari tours. Do not decide without getting information about the CAMPAIGN and package details in order to enjoy the 2 adventure tours to the fullest day. If you are looking for a safe and fun tour in Antalya, you will find yourself among our packages.

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