Antalya Koprulu Canyon, Kopruchay, Rafting Tour Program

As rafting is a pleasant activity, it carries some important risProgram hours and everything you need to know about Rafting Tour in Antalya is in RAFTİNGO Rafting Adventures now. Rafting Start time, Rafting start point, Rafting preparation, Rafting restaurant break time, Rafting fun paddle games, rafting info, rafting end point, transfer departure times, rafting information;

08:30 Transfer vehicles departure time (changes according to the guests location)

10:30 Meeting at our restaurant

10:45 Information about rafting (info)

11:00 Wearing rafting clothes

11:20 Ride the vehicles and move to the rafting start point

11:40 Rafting start

11:50 Rafting excitement

13:00 Group games by the river, Jumping from tree or rock into water

14:00 Restaurant meal time

15:30 Finish point

15:45 Dressing

16:00 Returning with the vehicles arrived

NOTE: Guests arriving with their own vehicles must be at the meeting point of RAFTİNGO at the latest at 10:30. You can call us from the contact section for detailed information...

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