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About Antalya Rafting

Antalya Rafting Tours | About Antalya Rafting

Antalya Rafting;

Antalya rafting is done on the famous Koprucay river that separates Koprulu Canyon Beskonak and Karabuk village. Antalya rafting Karabuk village is located very close to the mosque of Pelit, near the river, our restaurant serves with daily disinfected sinks and shower cabins, equipments at national standards, and rafting meals menu prepared according to the tastes of the guests. It has a daily capacity of 600 people and can provide rafting for large groups without problem . Antalya rafting guides provide you with a safe rafting tour thanks to their river experience and knowing Koprucay since childhood. Thanks to Antalya rafting transportation vehicles, those who do not have personal vehicles can be picked up every day of the week and is provided round trip transportation. If you want to join the rafting tour with us, do not decide on a rafting tour without calling us.

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