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Antalya Belek Relax Yacht & Boat Tour

Antalya Belek Relax Yacht & Boat Tours

Antalya Belek Relax Yacht & Boat Tour;

Antalya Belek Relax yacht & boat tour is the excursion boat with the most beautiful routes in Antalya for those who love diversity. It has a tour program suitable for all ages, where you will get a different experience by watching the Antalya region from the sea.

Antalya Belek Relax Yacht & Boat Tour Program;

• 10:00 departure

• 30 minutes swimming break in Turtle Bay

• 30 minutes swimming break at the waterfall area at 12:00

• Free Open Buffet lunch break (Grilled chicken, pasta, seasonal salad, haydari, seasonal fruit, 1 free soft drink)

• 30 minutes swimming break off the hotels area

• 15:30 return

Note: Reservations must be made at least 1 day in advance. You can find out by calling any of our CONTACT Lines, as the departure and return transfer pick-up times will vary depending on your location. Yacht tour, round trip transportation and lunch are included in Belek Yacht tour prices.

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