Antalya Atv Quad Safari Tours

What is Atv Quad?

Atv Quad is a motor vehicle that is designed for difficult terrain conditions, has a high maneuverability, can go up to 60 km per hour, can be rided by 1 or 2 people with a gasoline internal combustion engine, has excellent road holding. In general has 4 wheel models, which is similar in appearance to 4 x 4 motorcycle.

ATV Quad Safari Tours in Antalya;

Atv Quad Safari tours are organized in many regions of Antalya. Atv Quad Safari tours, which are highly appreciated by local and foreign participants, are generally a fun activity that guests want to include in their holiday plans. ATV Quad Safari Tours in AntalyaKoprulu Canyon track, which is among the most beautiful ATV Quad Safari tracks, you will have a different experience in the splendor of the Taurus Mountains and the rugged lands with mud and dusty from time to time. The ATV Quad Safari tour takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes. Maximum 2 people can get on a 1 ATV vehicle or they can participate seperately. You are not required to have a special ability or driver's license to participate in ATV Quad Safari tours. After the necessary safety equipment (helmet, etc.) is provided, experts inform you before the tour and a short warm-up tour is done to get to know your engine. Don't forget Atv Quad Safari tours are a muddy and dusty activity. You should be preferred comfortable clothes that will not bored you and bring spare clothes . When ATV Quad Safari tours in Antalya are generally preferred together with rafting tours, the excitement you will experience will be doubled. CALL us for detailed package and information about Rafting & ATV Quad Safari tours.

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