Rafting Restaurant Menu - Open Buffet Lunch - Antalya Rafting Tour

Standard Tour package Menu:

  • Roasted natural chicken skewers
  • Bulgur pilaf
  • Seasonal salads or seasonal fruits
  • Pasta

Our all-pack normal Rafting tour menu is open buffet, soft non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks are not included in our package tour prices. The variety of meals for our VIP special guests can be shaped upon your request, please call us for details from contact forms and phone numbers in the contact area .Information about the VIP Menu is in the rest of the article.

Vip menu:

  • Fresh trout cooked in embers
  • Roasted meat in embers
  • Natural plateau lamb kebab
  • Seasonal fruits according to the season
  • Seasonal salads
  • French fries

VIP Menu is a special package that we have prepared carefully for our guests who are not included in our standard tour fare packages.

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