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Antalya Koprulu Canyon, About Koprulu Canyon.

Koprulu Canyon;

Koprulu Canyon is located in the province of Antalya.Antalya rafting tours Access roads to the legendary canyon, which is 90 km from the center of Antalya, are completely asphalt and have partially sharp bends. For this reason, you should make sure that your vehicle does not have a high speed. There are 2 historical bridges in Koprulu Canyon. The small bridge, called the Bukrum Kopru, has taken its place among the remaining works of the ancient Roman period built with interlocking stones. The other big bridge is now built with interlocking stones connecting Karabuk and Beskonak villages. The big difference is that it is built on a higher and naturally occurring canyon. The ancient bridges known to belong to the Roman period connected the trade routes of Pamphylia and the ancient city of Selge. Nowadays, it decorates the photographs of domestic and foreign tourists. Koprulu Canyon is the starting point of the rafting and rafting tours. The track starts very close to the big bridge. Every rafting participant has the opportunity to see the big bridge. The small bridge (Oluk Kopru) is approximately 300 m from the large bridge. During the tour, breaks are given on the Oluk kopru and participants can take pictures under naturally formed waterfalls. Koprulu Canyon is among the places that attract the most domestic and foreign tourists in Antalya. In fact, the average number of daily visitors reaches 6 thousand in the summer season. If you want to visit the Koprulu Canyon region, you can get information by calling us.

The Most Updated List of Activities in Koprulu Canyon

The Most Updated List of Activities in Koprulu Canyon

Beskonak Koprulu Canyon is home to a number of extreme tours as well as its history. Wherever you are in Antalya, it is among the must-see places thanks to the ease of transportation. If you want to add excitement to your holiday, we recommend that you do not decide without looking at the list of the most up-to-date tour activities in the Beskonak Koprulu Canyon region we have compiled for you.

Latest Beskonak Koprulu Canyon Tour Activities List;

  • Rafting Tour
  • Canyoning Tour
  • Trekking Tour
  • Zipline Tour
  • Buggy Safari Tour
  • Jeep Safari Tour
  • Offroad Tours
  • ATV Quad Safari Tour
  • Tazi Canyon Tour
  • Tent Camp
  • Selge Ancient Tours

Transportation from Antalya center and its districts is available for all of the Activities in our list. Those who come with their own vehicles can access easy location and map information on our site.

About Koprulu Canyon Accommodation Places

Koprulu Canyon | About Koprulu Canyon Accommodation Places

Koprulu Canyon Accommodation;

Accommodation places in Koprulu Canyon are generally in the form of stone houses, wooden bungalows and tent camps. We recommend to our guests make an early reservation who want to stay at Koprulu Canyon. There is a limited number of rooms for accommodation, especially during the summer season. We recommend you do not leave your reservations to the last day in order to be able to stay due to the well-known and intense capacity of the region. If you want to make an accommodation at Koprulu Canyon, you can reach detailed information by calling us.

Beskonak Places to Visit

Koprulu Canyon Places to Visit | Beskonak Places to Visit

Koprulu Canyon And Beskonak;

Koprulu Canyon Beskonak has places to visit. When you come to the region, we offer you places that you will not go without seeing. Koprulu Canyon and Beskonak are famous for rafting sports tourism, so we strongly recommend you if you haven't done rafting first. In addition to the rafting tourism of the region, it stands out with its historical tourism. You can discover the old Roman bridges built on the Koprucay river, and take steep and natural canyon walks. Tazı Canyon, which is about half an hour away from Koprulu Canyon area, can be another option! The ancient city of Selge is home to a historical theater that you should see, and the ancient city of Selge is among the places that can be visited and visited close to the Koprulu Canyon Region. Those who love the taste can go to Burmagan village from the Burmagan road junction from Beskonak district, and you can eat fish in the trout facilities established at the foot of the Taurus Mountains with a plateau flavor. Rafting, Zipline, Jeep Safari offroad, Buggy Safari and Trekking walks are the main tour activities in Koprulu Canyon Beskonak region. You can get information by CALLING us about the activities to visit and to do in Koprulu Canyon Beskonak.

About Koprulu Canyon Camping Places

Koprulu Canyon Campground | Canyon Camping Places

Koprulu Canyon Camping Places;

Koprulu Canyon Campgrounds, the magnificent nature of the Koprulu Canyon and if you are looking for a safe camping area at the foot of the Taurus mountains, here is just for you, you can stay in our camping area special for families on the shore of the Koprucay river, located under our restaurant. If you are thinking of safe camping with toilet and shower facilities, you can either bring your tent or request it from us. Please do not forget to make an early reservation for our limited number of camping places. CALL US for detailed information about Rafting + Camping area fees. Listen to the sound of nature by getting rid of the stress of the city by camping in Koprulu Canyon.

Koprulu Canyon Rafting Difficulty Level

Koprulu Canyon Rafting Difficulty Level | Antalya Rafing

Koprulu Canyon Rafting Difficulty Level;

Koprulu Canyon Rafting Difficulty level is determined as 1-2 by expert teams. The velocity of the current means that high obstacles, or rapits, are safer. This provides safe tours for rafting. Participants are not required to swim in 1-2 grade courses. It is suitable for +7 age group with parents. If you want to go on an adventurous journey in the unique water of the Koprulu Canyon, you can make a reservation by calling us with the best prices.

About Antalya Koprulu Canyon

Antalya Koprulu Canyon | About Antalya Koprulu Canyon

Antalya Koprulu Canyon ;

Antalya Koprulu Canyon is the name of the bridge that was established in the form of a golden neck on the Beskonak Koprucay river by going through the forest road of Bozyaka road from Manavgat district. Antalya Koprulu Canyon has come to the fore with rafting today. The fast currents of the Koprucay river have made it suitable for rafting. Antalya Koprulu Canyon has an important place in terms of both rafting tourism and cultural tourism for its local and foreign guests. Selge antique is located near the Antalya Koprulu Canyon Region. The historical bridge connecting the ancient city of Selge and the Pamphylia regions extending towards Alanya has a very important value from past to present. For all nature and sports lovers who want to come to Antalya Koprulu Canyon region, you can join our Zipline, Buggy safari, Canyon Tour, Jeep safari tour, Greyhound Canyon Tours, especially rafting we organize in the region every day of the week, and you can be included in our tours at the most affordable prices. You can make a reservation by CALLING us to experience an adventure in Antalya Koprulu Canyon.

About Koprulu Canyon Rafting Prices

Koprulu Canyon Rafting Prices | Antalya Rafting Tour Price

Koprulu Canyon Fees & Prices;

Koprulu Canyon Rafting Prices offer packages suitable for your budget throughout the year, preventing you from encountering surprise prices on rafting tours. Thanks to our transportation vehicles moving to the Koprulu canyon every day of the week, you experience the excitement of rafting. Your journey to the historic Koprulu canyon becomes comfortable with our new model and air-conditioned vehicles. Our guests can also come with their own personal vehicles. We recommend you do not decide do rafting in Koprulu Canyon without examining our rafting tour CAMPAIGNS that offer you rafting experience without sacrificing service quality. You can get information about prices and deals by calling us to get special discounts for students and groups, get COMBO (Rafting + Zipline + Buggy Safari + Canyon trips in one day) package details or by filling out the online contact form. In Koprulu Canyon, we have tour packages for every budget. Choose your package and let the adventure begin.

Antalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting

Antalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting | Rafting Koprulu Canyon Tours

Koprulu Canyon Rafting;

Koprulu Canyon Rafting is the only region in the Mediterranean region where high-flowing clean and blue-water rafting. Koprulu Canyon Rafting is done within the borders of Beskonak national park in Manavgat District of Antalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting is the name of the fun activity that is organized in groups by bringing sports lovers together. Koprulu Canyon Rafting track is 14 km and takes about 2 hours with breaks. Koprulu Canyon Rafting guides are accompanied by knowing the river and accompanied by professional guides. The starting point of the track starts from the shore of the historical Koprulu Canyon bridge. You can have fun with your loved ones or groups of friends by participating in Koprulu Canyon rafting tours with us. Thanks to the opportunity prices including transportation and lunch, you can participate without tiring your budget. You can find information about Koprulu Canyon Rafting by calling us.

Koprulu Canyon Rafting Contact

Koprulu Canyon Rafting Contact | About Rafting Reservation

Koprulu Canyon Rafting Communication;

Koprulu Canyon Rafting Contact number is +90 534 820 1169. You can get information about rafting tours prices, campaigns, rafting course details from 08:00 to 02:00 AM. Another method about Koprulu Canyon Rafting Communication is by filling out the online contact form at the bottom of our website and you can find detailed information. If you want to join the rafting tour in the famous Koprulu Canyon, you can CALL us!

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