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Antalya Canyoning Tour

The Lenght of Canyoning Parkur | Antalya Canyoning Tour

The Lenght Of Canyoning Parkur;

Antalya Canyon parkour is about two and a half km, but it can take up to one and a half to two hours depending on the density of the group. 500 meters of the Canyon Parkour tour program, we swim in cool waters with currents, leaving yourself with the currents of the water and proceed by body rafting. We can complete our canyon tour with our 1-km walking trekking style and the remaining 1 km rafting boat. There are dozens of natural water sources, 4 of which are large, and waterfalls overflowing with rocks, which have wonderful visuals in the Canyon. Compared to the rafting tour and the course, the difficulty level is higher and young people under the age of ten cannot participate in this tour.

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