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Kadriye District


Kadriye: A Hidden Gem on the Southern Coast of Antalya

Located in the Serik district, Kadriye is a charming coastal village in southern Antalya. This enchanting seaside town holds a significant position in the tourism sector, boasting a rich history, scenic surroundings, and modern facilities. Situated approximately 30 kilometers from Antalya city center, Kadriye enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters.

Kadriye 2The deep-rooted history of Kadriye dates back to ancient times. As part of the ancient Pamphylia region, these lands have hosted various civilizations. Roman and Byzantine ruins reflect the area's profound history. Kadriye also served as an important settlement during the Seljuk and Ottoman periods, drawing history enthusiasts with its historical structures and remnants.

With its geographical features, Kadriye offers fertile lands and extensive sandy beaches. The coastline, known for its fine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, makes Kadriye a popular tourist destination. Luxurious hotels, golf courses, and resorts attract both local and international tourists. Additionally, the surrounding forested areas and natural parks provide ideal spots for nature walks and picnics. Kadriye offers visitors a unique experience with its historical and natural treasures.

Popular Tours and Excursions in the Kundu Region

  1. Antalya City Tour:
    • Description: This tour covers the historic Kaleiçi area, Hadrian's Gate, Yivli Minaret, and the Antalya Museum. It's an ideal opportunity to explore Antalya's rich history and culture.
  2. Perge, Aspendos, and Side Tour:
    • Description: Visit three significant ancient cities, witnessing Roman-era theaters, stadiums, and temples. The well-preserved Aspendos Theater is particularly noteworthy.
  3. Düden Waterfall Tour:
    • Description: Visit the Düden Waterfalls, located close to Kundu. This tour offers a perfect escape for nature lovers to see both the upper and lower falls.
  4. Manavgat River and Waterfall Tour:
    • Description: Enjoy a boat trip on the Manavgat River followed by a visit to the famous Manavgat Waterfall. This tour is a great option for those looking to immerse themselves in nature and cool off.
  5. Jeep Safari Tour:
    • Description: This adventurous tour through the Taurus Mountains lets you explore nature and village life in off-road vehicles. It offers a high-adrenaline experience on mountain roads.
  6. Rafting Tour:
    • Description: The rafting tour in Köprülü Canyon is perfect for adventure seekers. This thrilling sport on the white foam waters promises unforgettable memories.
  7. Scuba Diving Tour:
    • Description: Kundu is an ideal spot for diving in the clear waters of the Mediterranean. With professional diving instructors, you can explore the underwater world, meet colorful corals, and various marine life.
  8. Pamukkale and Hierapolis Tour:
    • Description: Join a tour to explore Pamukkale's white travertine terraces and the ancient city of Hierapolis, both listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This tour is suitable for those wanting to see both natural beauties and historical structures.
  9. Cappadocia Tour:
    • Description: Tours from Kundu to Cappadocia allow you to discover its unique fairy chimneys and underground cities. Hot air balloon tours offer a perfect opportunity to see Cappadocia's unique landscapes from above.
  10. Yacht Tour:
    • Description: Yacht tours on the azure waters of the Mediterranean are a great option for relaxing and exploring different bays. These full-day tours include swimming breaks and meal services.

These tours are just some of the most popular and enjoyable activities you can participate in while vacationing in the Kundu region. Each tour caters to different interests and tastes, ensuring a memorable experience for all visitors.

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