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Antalya Koprucay and Rafting Tour

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Antalya Bridge River Rafting Tours

  • The Bridge River has been flowing continuously for centuries, providing life to the areas it traverses.
  • Originating in the district of Sütçüler in Isparta, the river covers vast distances and meets various tributaries, offering ideal rafting conditions in the town of Beş Konak.
  • Known for its exceptional clarity, the Bridge River is one of Turkey's cleanest rivers today and attracts rafting enthusiasts due to its proximity to many districts.
  • Access to the area is convenient via asphalt roads suitable for all vehicle types.
  • The official rafting course on the Bridge River spans 14 km, with rafting beyond this point prohibited due to the river's hazardous nature.
  • The cold water in the Bridge River requires acclimatization exercises to prevent cramps.
  • Passing through the villages of Karabük and Beş Konak, the Bridge River acts as a natural boundary before reaching Aspendos (Belkıs) and flowing into the sea.
  • Rafting tours on the Bridge River do not require prior experience and are suitable for various age groups, especially popular during the summer months for their refreshing waters.
  • Join Antalya Adventures' rafting adventure tours for a safe and thrilling experience led by experienced guides, with daily transfers available from Antalya city center and surrounding districts.
  • To book an affordable rafting excursion on the Bridge River, including round-trip transportation and lunch, contact our communication lines or online WhatsApp at least 1 day in advance.
  • Explore the unique Bridge River through our daily rafting tours or choose from our exciting combined packages by contacting us.

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