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Okurcalar District

Okurcalar 1


Okurcalar, a charming town located in the southern coast of Turkey, is part of Antalya province. This small settlement, which is connected to Alanya, stands out with its historical and natural beauties. Okurcalar, known for its rich historical heritage, has hosted many civilizations since ancient times. Archaeological excavations and research in the region reveal traces from the Roman and Byzantine periods. Among these artifacts, the most notable is the Ancient Alara Castle, believed to date back to the Justinian period. The castle was built to protect against pirate attacks.

Okurcalar 2Geographically, Okurcalar embodies all the beauties of the Mediterranean climate. With its hot and dry summers and mild, rainy winters, it offers an excellent vacation environment throughout the year. Its long sandy beaches and clear sea make Okurcalar particularly attractive for summer holidays. Additionally, the town is surrounded by lush forests and the stunning scenery of the Taurus Mountains. These natural beauties provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy both sea and nature vacations.

Okurcalar is also significant in terms of agriculture. It is especially known for its citrus orchards and greenhouse activities. Agriculture, which is a livelihood for the local people, constitutes an important part of the region's economic life. With the increasing tourism in recent years, the investments made in the region and the rise in the number of hotels are noteworthy. This has made Okurcalar a popular destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. With its historical and natural beauties, Okurcalar offers visitors an unforgettable experience.

Tours and Excursions in the Okurcalar Region:

  1. Alanya Castle and Shipyard Tour
    • Alanya Castle: This historic castle, with its magnificent Mediterranean view and historical texture, fascinates its visitors. Built by the Seljuks in the 13th century, the castle is still well-preserved today.
    • Shipyard: Located right below Alanya Castle, this historic shipyard dates back to the Seljuk period and is one of the oldest shipyards in the Mediterranean. Here, you can learn about the history of shipbuilding.
  2. Dim River and Cave Excursion
    • Dim River: Famous for its cool waters, Dim River is an ideal place for nature lovers with its picnic areas and restaurants. You can dine on platforms built over the river and enjoy the nature.
    • Dim Cave: Dim Cave is one of the largest caves in Turkey and is quite impressive with its stalactites and stalagmites. A cave tour is a must for nature and adventure enthusiasts.
  3. Manavgat Waterfall and River Tour
    • Manavgat Waterfall: Renowned for its enchanting beauty, Manavgat Waterfall is a great spot for photography enthusiasts. You can cool off in the waterfall's refreshing waters and relax in the surrounding tea gardens.
    • River Tour: A boat tour on the Manavgat River offers a great opportunity to explore the natural beauties of the region. As you progress along the river, you can enjoy nature and participate in various water sports.
  4. Sapadere Canyon and Village Tour
    • Sapadere Canyon: Famous for its natural beauties, Sapadere Canyon is perfect for trekking and nature walks. As you progress through the canyon, you will encounter waterfalls and natural pools.
    • Sapadere Village: Located near the canyon, Sapadere Village is an ideal spot for those who want to experience traditional Turkish village life. You can meet the locals and see traditional handicrafts in the village.
  5. Alara Han and Alara River Tour
    • Alara Han: Built in the 13th century, this historic caravanserai was an important trade point between Alanya and Antalya. Alara Han, with its historical texture, offers visitors a journey into the past.
    • Alara River: A walk or picnic along the Alara River, famous for its natural beauties, is a great escape for those who want to be alone with nature.

These tours and excursions offer excellent options for visitors who want to explore the historical, cultural, and natural riches of the Okurcalar Region. Each provides a different experience, making your holiday unforgettable.

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Rafting and Jeep Safari

Okurcalar Rafting and Jeep Safari Tour

Okurcalar Rafting and Jeep Safari Tour

Okurcalar stands out as an ideal destination for nature and adventure enthusiasts. The rafting and jeep safari tours organized in this magnificent town offer visitors an unforgettable experience. These tours, offered at reasonable prices, provide an all-inclusive service including transportation and lunch, allowing participants to focus solely on the fun. The Köprülü Canyon rafting and jeep safari combo package departing from Okurcalar is a perfect option for those who want to explore the beauty of nature and experience adrenaline-filled moments.

Okurcalar Rafting and Jeep Safari Tour 2The rafting tour takes place in the cool waters of the Taurus Mountains, accompanied by the unique landscapes of Köprülü Canyon National Park. Conducted with professional guides, rafting offers a safe yet thrilling activity. Throughout the 14-kilometer course, you'll have the chance to paddle through white foamy waters while discovering the breathtaking beauty of the canyon. All necessary safety equipment is provided for everyone participating in the tour, making it accessible even for those without prior experience.

The jeep safari tour, on the other hand, offers a perfect opportunity to explore the natural beauties and village life of Okurcalar. Conducted with off-road vehicles, this tour promises a fun and informative experience for participants. Along the safari route, you can visit local villages to observe traditional lifestyles and enjoy the unique views of the Taurus Mountains. Additionally, guides share information about the historical and cultural riches of the region during the tour.

By joining the Okurcalar rafting and jeep safari tours, you can spend an excitement-filled day in the heart of nature and create unforgettable memories. These tours offer an unmissable opportunity for both adrenaline junkies and nature lovers. Make your reservation now to experience this unique adventure and step into the enchanting world of Okurcalar!

Okurcalar Rafting and Jeep Safari Tours

Included Services:

  • Transportation: Our tours include transportation with comfortable vehicles.
  • Lunch: A delicious lunch is provided during our tours.
  • Safety Equipment: Necessary safety equipment is provided for everyone participating in the rafting tour.
  • Professional Guides: Our tours are conducted with experienced and professional guides.

Köprülü Canyon Rafting Tour:

  • Location: Köprülü Canyon National Park
  • Scenery: Unique nature of the Taurus Mountains and the canyon
  • Activity: Rafting on a 14-kilometer course with white foamy waters
  • Safety: A safe experience with professional guides
  • Equipment: Safety equipment is provided for all participants
  • Suitability: Easily accessible even for those without prior experience

Jeep Safari Tour:

  • Location: Okurcalar and surroundings
  • Vehicle: Fun rides with off-road vehicles
  • Scenery: Unique views of the Taurus Mountains
  • Activity: Visiting local villages and observing traditional lifestyles
  • Information: Guides share information about the historical and cultural richness of the region
  • Entertainment: A fun and informative experience

Why Participate?

  • Adrenaline and Adventure: Experience thrilling moments in the heart of nature.
  • Natural Beauty: Discover the breathtaking views of the Taurus Mountains and Köprülü Canyon.
  • Cultural Experience: Observe traditional lifestyles by visiting local villages.
  • Unforgettable Memories: An unmissable opportunity for both adrenaline junkies and nature lovers.


Make your reservation now to experience this unique adventure and step into the enchanting world of Okurcalar!

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Okurcalar Rafting

Okurcalar rafting

Okurcalar Rafting

Antalya Okurcalar offers an unforgettable rafting experience for nature and adventure enthusiasts! Are you ready to spend an adrenaline-filled day with Antalya Adventures in the stunning landscapes of Köprülü Canyon? These unique rafting tours, starting from the Okurcalar region, await you with the best prices, including round-trip transportation and lunch.

Okurcalar rafting 2Köprülü Canyon is one of Turkey's most popular rafting routes, known for its natural beauty and challenging courses. At Antalya Adventures, we aim to provide a safe and thrilling rafting experience with our professional guides. On our routes suitable for participants of all levels, you will enjoy nature and create unforgettable memories.

Visit our website to learn more about the rafting tours we organize from Antalya Okurcalar to Köprülü Canyon and to make a reservation. You are at the right place to spend an adventurous day, be in touch with nature, and feel the adrenaline. Contact us now to experience an unforgettable rafting adventure with Antalya Adventures!

Services Included and Not Included in Okurcalar Rafting Tours:

Included Services:

  1. Transportation: Transfer services to the tour starting point.
  2. Equipment: Provision of necessary rafting equipment such as helmets, life jackets, paddles, and rafts.
  3. Guidance: Safe rafting experience with experienced and certified rafting guides.
  4. Lunch: Lunch provided during the tour.
  5. Insurance: Personal accident insurance valid during the tour.
  6. Safety Briefing: Detailed briefing on safety and technical information before rafting.

Not Included Services:

  1. Personal Expenses: Beverages, snacks, and personal shopping.
  2. Extra Activities: Other activities besides rafting (e.g., zip-lining, jeep safari, etc.).
  3. Private Transportation: Special transportation requests outside the tour participation.
  4. Photos and Videos: Photos and videos taken by professional teams (may be available for purchase at an extra cost on some tours).
  5. Tips: Tips for guides and staff.
  6. Extras: Some tours may require an additional fee for photo and video services.
  7. Accommodation: Accommodation services are not included in the rafting tour.

A unique opportunity awaits you to make a quick and easy rafting reservation with Antalya Adventures. For those who want to experience an exceptional rafting adventure in Antalya's enchanting nature, Antalya Adventures stands out with its professional services. The reservation process is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, and it can be completed in just a few steps. You can book your spot for your desired date and time via the website or by directly contacting customer service.

Antalya Adventures offers rafting tours suitable for participants of all levels. From beginners to experienced athletes, there are appropriate courses for everyone. You will have a safe and enjoyable experience with professional guides, spending adrenaline-filled moments in the heart of nature. Additionally, all equipment and safety measures are provided by Antalya Adventures, so participants only need to enjoy the adventure.

When making your reservation, you can also specify your group size and any special requests. Antalya Adventures prioritizes customer satisfaction and responds to all needs and demands. Whether you join with your friends, family, or alone, an unforgettable rafting experience awaits you with Antalya Adventures. Make your reservation now and embark on an adventure in Antalya's magnificent nature!

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