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Rafting Tour in Antalya, Meeting Point Of Adrenaline

Manavgat rafting tour

Manavgat Rafting Tour

The Manavgat Rafting Tour is renowned not only in Turkey but also globally. From the ancient Roman bridges of Köprülü Canyon to the Selge Ancient City, historical churches, ancient ruins, and the recently discovered Tazı Canyon, it presents a rich tapestry of historical and natural wonders. This region beautifully merges historical and natural beauty, where history seamlessly intertwines with nature.

Flowing through the crystal-clear waters of the Kızılçam Forests at the foothills of the Taurus Mountains, the Köprüçay River enhances the stunning natural scenery. These unique elements provide an unmatched experience that distinguishes the Manavgat rafting tour from other destinations. Rafting in Manavgat is an exceptional adventure, and firsthand participation is highly recommended. The excitement and thrill felt by rafting enthusiasts on the extensive 14 km route offer an unforgettable journey. Embarking on a rafting expedition at the Manavgat Köprülü Canyon allows you to appreciate the azure waters and adrenaline-pumping experience with your companions at reasonable prices. The Manavgat Köprüçay River, recognized as one of Turkey's cleanest waterways, continues to draw rafting enthusiasts.

Conveniently accessing the area from the heart of Manavgat is feasible through daily transportation services. Kindly inquire about transfer details and meeting points at least one day in advance, especially during peak seasons. Regrettably, unconfirmed reservations cannot be accommodated with transfer services. We extend an invitation to join the Manavgat rafting tours at the Köprülü Canyon Beş Konak area, where you can expect exceptional professionalism and service. If you seek to raft together and relish thrilling moments, secure your reservation promptly and immerse yourself in the adventure with a spirited "HEY HOP!" Explore our rafting tour packages and uncover additional combination options. We recommend thoroughly reviewing our offerings before making your final decision. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to Antalya Adventures for exhilarating and adventurous experiences. For reservations and detailed information, please contact us via phone.

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