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Rafting Tours in Antalya, A Water Sports Adventure

Rafting Tours in Antalya;

Rafting tours in Antalya is a water sports activity at the Beskonak Koprucay stream of Manavgat district, approximately 90 km from the center of Antalya. You do not have to have a certain number of people to participate in a rafting tour. You can participate in this event if you are in a group of 100 people or 1 person. Our expert guides take on the task of establishing teams in the best possible way, by creating groups for their age and families. Rafting boats range from 6 to 10 people, and in each rafting boat 1 guide accompanies you for your safety and to guide the boat . Rafting tours in Antalya are the best activities of the region. For rafting tour activity, if you inform us with your number of people at least one day before, transportation, time and location information planning is done. This is important for us to make smooth rafting tour planning. Before participating in rafting tours in Antalya, you should definitely inform us about any health problems we should know before the tour. Antalya rafting tours start under the unique historical beauty of Beskonak Koprulu canyon and end after 14 km. Our restaurant is on the river bank and after the rafting fatigue, you can taste the delicious tastes of the region. If you are with us in Antalya rafting tours, everything is fine. CALL for information about reservation and rafting tour!

Rafting tours in Antalya is a stream sports event that will make

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