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Saint Didier Wreck Diving Tour

Antalya Saint Didier Wreck; st didier fransız batık gemisi antalya

The Saint Didier wreck off the marina, which is the most important diving spot in Antalya and its surroundings,
is one of the most popular diving spots for touristic purposes. The wreck, which starts at the stern at a depth of 15 meters, reaches up to 30 meters.
St. Didier, a French ship sunk by the British in World War II. A ship flying a hospital flag at the time and claiming not to be a warship. But it still contains ammunition, weapons and military vehicle spare parts. A sunken time machine.
In 1942, time stopped for him. An important and valuable shipwreck in the world rankings.

The Story Of The Shipweck;

The French Government, which cooperated with the Germans in the Second World War,
wants to send soldiers and ammunition support to its troops in the region against the British entering
Syria and advancing towards Lebanon. Türkiye, which remained neutral in the war,
does not allow ammunition and soldiers to pass through its territory.
The ammunition brought to the German-occupied Thessaloniki Port was loaded onto the commercial ship Qued Yquem and Saint Didier. The Qued Yquem ship was sunk by a British warplane taking off from Cyprus off the coast of Adrasan in Kumluca district on July 4, 1941. Saint Didier, hoisting the Turkish flag at the stern, took shelter in Antalya Port. The ship, anchored 400 meters off the harbour, became the target of 2 British planes around 16:00 on the same day. The torpedo fired by one of the planes missed the ship and fell in the area between the Iskele Masjid and the customs building. With the intensity of the explosion, a 10-15 meter high wave is formed in the Marina. The torpedo fired by the second plane hits the rear of the ship. The ship begins to take on water and sinks into the water later in the night. As the warship sank, 5 soldiers lost their lives. 275 soldiers, 15 of whom were injured, were saved with the help of fishermen.

Saint Didier Wreck Diving Tour Program;

Even if you are just one person, you can join our tours. People with a professional diving certificate can participate in wreck diving. A diving capability certificate of at least 30 meters is required. You can reach the shipwreck area by boat. Wreck diving takes approximately 30 minutes. Call us for current st.didier wreck diving prices and more detailed information.

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