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Paragliding Tour

Antalya Paragliding Tour

Kemer, one of Turkey's most popular holiday destinations, is known for its natural beauty and the opportunities it offers for adventure sports. Among these activities, one of the most thrilling is paragliding. The Kemer paragliding tour provides a perfect opportunity for adrenaline enthusiasts and those who wish to be one with nature.

paraglidingThis unique adventure starts at Adrasan beach, where you will be taken up to a mountain at an altitude of 1200 meters by Jeep. The mountain road is filled with spectacular views and exciting bends, taking approximately 20-30 minutes. When you reach the peak, the excitement peaks as you prepare for the flight. Together with your pilots, you will start from 1200 meters, and during the flight, you rise an additional 200-300 meters, reaching a total height of 1400-1500 meters.

The flight duration varies between 15-20 minutes depending on the wind speed and direction. During this time, you will glide over forests, settlements, and finally the sea, accompanied by breathtaking views. Your landing points will be one of the beaches, either Adrasan or Karaöz. Moreover, during the flight, your pilots will immortalize your unforgettable moments with photos and short videos. However, the camera recording is not included in the flight fee, so you may need to pay an extra charge.

Weight Limit

Paragliding is a popular nature sport filled with adrenaline. To perform this sport safely, certain rules and limitations must be followed. One of the most important factors to consider in paragliding is the total weight of the pilot and the equipment. Generally, the maximum weight limit for paragliding is set at 100 kg, and the minimum weight limit is 30 kg. These limits are necessary to use the parachute safely and controllably.

The maximum weight limit of 100 kg is set to not exceed the parachute's carrying capacity and to ensure a safe flight. If this limit is exceeded, the parachute may not create enough lift, and control loss may occur during landing, which can lead to serious injuries or accidents. Similarly, the minimum weight limit of 30 kg is also necessary for the parachute to fly stably. When the weight is too low, the parachute will not stretch enough, causing the flight to be unstable.

It is crucial for those planning to paraglide to pay attention to these weight limits and use appropriate equipment. Additionally, taking professional training and flying with an experienced pilot before attempting this sport is of great importance for safety. Under the right conditions, paragliding offers a fantastic experience where you can enjoy stunning views and create unforgettable memories.

Services Included in Paragliding

Round-Trip Transportation: This service includes transportation from the meeting point to the paragliding area and return after the activity ends. This service is usually provided by buses or minibuses from a designated meeting point, ensuring the comfort and safety of the participants.

Guidance Service: This service includes professional guides who provide training and guidance to those who will paraglide. Guides provide information on safe flight techniques, landing and take-off methods, and support participants at every stage. The guidance service is particularly vital for those who are paragliding for the first time.

Insurance: This service ensures the participants are covered against possible accidents during paragliding. This insurance is usually valid throughout the activity and covers medical expenses in case of any injury or accident. Insurance allows participants to feel secure and enjoy the flight without worry.

Paragliding Equipment: This service includes providing all the necessary equipment for paragliding. This equipment includes the parachute, helmet, safety harnesses, radios, and other safety gear. The equipment is selected according to the highest safety standards and is regularly maintained. Thus, participants can fly safely.

These services are combined to offer a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for those who will paraglide.

Services Not Included:

  • Videos and Photos
  • All Beverages
  • Special Requests

Paragliding ToursReservation;

Making a reservation for paragliding in Kemer is quite easy for those who want to join this thrilling activity. Those who wish to experience this excitement should complete their reservations at least one day in advance. Those who will use the transfer service should determine the meeting time and place in advance and notify us. Those planning to come with their own vehicle should share the location information and time with us.

During the reservation process, the suitability of the weather conditions should also be taken into consideration. Paragliding is conducted on days when the weather conditions are favorable for safety reasons. When the weather conditions are suitable, all necessary preparations for this unique experience are completed, and the joy of flying begins. You can easily contact us through our contact numbers and reservation forms and get answers to all your questions.

In conclusion, the reservation process for paragliding in Kemer is quite user-friendly and straightforward. Once a day with suitable weather conditions is chosen, you can easily reach the location either with the transfer service or with your own vehicle and enjoy this unforgettable adventure. By making your reservation early, you can enjoy gliding through the sky amidst the unique landscapes of nature.

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