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How to dive? Scuba and freediving, Antalya diving

How to dive? | Scuba and freediving | Antalya diving

How to Dive? Antalya Diving

Before diving, you need to know some techniques and rules. For example, if you want to do free diving, you must first have the necessary knowledge and equipment to find your breathing techniques and your direction under water. Before you can free dive, you must have training. Although free diving is done in shallow waters, swimming techniques against the current should be learned by calculating the direction of the water current well. Free diving can be divided into 2 types. (fin dive and barefoot dive without fins). Both types of diving are usually done by tying weights with the help of a rope and sinking. There are freediving types such as no-limit sinking and cube apnea. In scuba diving, on the other hand, the participant needs equipment that will allow him to breathe underwater. The general name given to these equipments is called scuba. The person who will perform scuba diving should definitely receive training. You can easily get this training through private institutions in the world and in Turkey. Our guests who will participate in a scuba diving tour in Antalya can safely dive with professional diving instructors after a short training. At the end of the tour, the first dive certificate is given with the certificate ceremony.

Do not decide without calling us for a safe scuba diving tour in Antalya. For detailed information and diving tour reservation, you can call any of our CONTACT numbers.

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