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What is the Equipment Required for Diving?

What is the Equipment Required for Diving? | Diving Tours

Diving Equipment;

Professional equipment and special clothing are required for freediving and scuba diving. In order to perform safe diving, the materials must be of high quality and durable.

Diving Suit

In order to be able to dive, it should be ensured that it is produced from materials consisting of durable clothing and quality materials according to its properties. Neoprene clothing, known as the clothing that hides body heat, comes at the beginning of the most known as diving suits. Glasses, masks, gloves, booties, bonnets, vests, and water-resistant watches are the materials specially produced for those who will dive. In addition, neoprene clothing is produced in 2 ways as full overalls and half overalls. Some diving suits are produced in the form of t-shirts. There are diving suits in every size for you in Antalya diving tours.

Other Diving Equipment

People who will perform scuba diving should especially check that the materials are of high quality and comply with the standards. Under water this is very important. Poor quality and non-standard materials pose a serious safety risk.

Dive Cylinder and its properties

The diving cylinder is made of materials produced exclusively for diving. It usually consists of aluminum or steel material. It contains nitrogen and other gases along with oxygen. This durable tube will be filled with very high pressures and will allow the diver to breathe easily under water. General volumes of diving cylinders are produced as 12, 15, 18 liters. Approximately 200 bar of air is stored in a 12 liter diving cylinder.

Diving Weights

Diving weights are used in proportion to the weight of the people who will dive and are the equipment used mostly by freedivers. Diving weights are generally used by spear divers.

Dive Engine

When it comes to diving engine, it means that the user will dive with a scuba. This equipment, which makes swimming very easy, provides fast travel by pushing thanks to the propellers. The motors are made of very light materials.

Diving Fins

Although the diving fins are used in both free and scuba diving, they are different from each other. The flippers of freedivers are thin and long. Scuba divers have short fins.


Snorkeling helps the diver breathe underwater. It is used with diving mask and diving goggles. The snorkel is about 30 cm long. Its usage is generally used for observation in scuba diving.


The regulator enables the pressure of the inhaled air to be adjusted to the breathing level while breathing air in scuba diving. It shows the air pressure as well as the depth of the water. You can also connect spare air cylinders.

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