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Köprülü Canyon Rafting Tour in Antalya

Rafting in Köprülü Canyon | About Antalya Rafting Tours

Rafting in Köprülü Canyon

The official rafting route in Köprülü Canyon spans 14 kilometers, featuring two prominent waterfalls and four to five smaller ones. Pricing for rafting activities varies based on the range of services offered to participants. Pricing structures are tailored to the specific services provided, taking into account factors such as group size, transportation preferences, special meal requests, and specific boat requirements. Therefore, it is advisable to seek detailed information from relevant operators or rafting companies before engaging in rafting activities. Since rafting requires prior arrangements, it is essential to allocate at least one day for preparation, based on the group size, and to plan meticulously and systematically. For this reason, it is recommended to contact us by 00:00 at the latest, the day preceding the activity. Notably, we are not an intermediary or tour agency; we are the direct providers of rafting services, thus ensuring our prices are more competitive than intermediary firms.

Köprülü Canyon Rafting Tour

  • Köprülü Canyon, a natural gem of Antalya, offers an exhilarating route for rafting enthusiasts.
  • The rafting tour in Köprülü Canyon provides various price options, contingent upon the services included.
  • Factors such as group size, transportation preferences, and special meal requests influence the pricing of rafting tours.
  • It is crucial to gather comprehensive details from tour operators or rafting companies before embarking on a rafting tour.
  • Advance booking is mandatory for the rafting tour to maintain a smooth and organized excursion.
  • Reservations should be made by midnight at the latest before the scheduled tour to ensure a seamless experience.
  • We exclusively specialize in rafting services, distinguishing us from intermediary firms and offering more competitive pricing.

For an adrenaline-filled adventure amidst nature, Köprülü Canyon Rafting tours are tailored for you! Directly contact us for a premium and immediate reservation to partake in an unforgettable experience. Experience the rush of the canyon's flowing waters in its magnificent natural setting. Reach out to us for an adventurous day and discover why we are poised to become the preferred destination for rafting enthusiasts!

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Köprülü Canyon Activities Köprülü Canyon Activities
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