What to do in Koprulu Canyon? Antalya Koprulu Canyon Features

What to do in Koprulu Canyon? | Antalya Koprulu Canyon Features

Koprulu Canyon Antalya;

The history of Antalya Koprulu Canyon dates back to very old times. It lived its most beautiful times in the Roman period. The Koprulu Canyon bridge, known for its proximity to the ancient city of Selge, has been the lifeblood of those living in the region. Bes Konak Kopru Cay walks. Rafting is done in Koprulu Canyon.Thanks to Kopru Cay water, thousands of plant varieties have formed and hosted the wildlife. Recently, the question of what to do in Koprulu Canyon is frequently asked by enthusiasts. Rafting takes the first place in the to-do list with the arrival of sports tourism in Koprulu Canyon. Those who do not want to do rafting can explore the region by making small trekking walks to feel the historical and natural texture of the region and of course, they can see the famous Koprulu Canyon stone bridges that the region takes its name from. If you would like to join rafting tours in Koprulu Canyon and see these beauties you can make a reservation.

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