About Koprulu Canyon Antalya, Koprulu Canyon Rafting Antalya

About Koprulu Canyon Antalya, Koprulu Canyon Rafting AntalyaKoprulu Canyon Antalya;

Koprulu Canyon is the name of the region in the province of Antalya that connects civilizations among red pine forests at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, famous for rafting tours. The region, where thousands of rafting enthusiasts visit, is important for nature tourism. The most popular activity in Koprulu Canyon region is rafting tour. The area between the borders of the national park has been taken under protection and concrete structures are not allowed in order not to spoil its natural beauty. Koprulu Canyon is approximately 85 km from the Antalya region. Transportation to the region is possible by bus or personal vehicles, but it is not easy to find transportation at any time of the week. For this reason, you can experience the rafting adventure to the full by offering round-trip transportation every day of the week, considering our guests who want to join the rafting tour in the Koprulu canyon area. To join the rafting tour in Koprulu Canyon, please make a reservation 1 day before at the latest and ask for the rafting tour program, prices and transportation details.