Rafting Koprulu Canyon, About Rafting Koprulu Canyon

Rafting Koprulu Canyon | About Rafting Koprulu Canyon

Rafting Koprulu Canyon, About Rafting Koprulu CanyonRafting Koprulu Canyon;

Rafting Koprulu Canyon is the name of the place where you will go on an adventurous journey beyond your dreams! With Rafting Koprulu Canyon tours, you will forget all you know while struggling in the cool waters in the heart of nature. When it comes to rafting, the first place that comes to mind is Koprulu Canyon. Koprulu Canyon is a historical stone bridge that connects civilizations to each other, built on the Koprucay river, remaining from the Roman period that makes a canyon. Rafting in such a historical and natural texture of the Taurus mountains is an adventure activity that you cannot find anywhere else. Rafting Koprulu Canyon in Beskonak region, you will struggle with raging waters for hours on a 14 km parkour. Wherever you are, if you haven't done rafting in Koprulu Canyon, we invite you to this exciting journey and we recommend you to enjoy rafting with your loved ones at the best prices. Rafting in Antalya is another beautiful in Koprulu Canyon. CALL us for rafting tour reservation and price information in Koprulu Canyon!

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