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Rafting Beskonak, About Rafting Beskonak

Rafting Beskonak | About Rafting Beskonak | Beskonak

Rafting Beskonak;

Rafting Beskonak is a water sports activity in its region. Beskonak rafting track, which has 1 and 2 rafting difficulty levels, offers a very good experience for those who will do it for the first time. Rafting helped Beskonak to meet tourism. It has made important contributions to the recognition of natural and historical beauties that have been hidden for years. Rafting can be done in Beskonak region in every season of the year. River rafting is a first in Turkey with this feature. If you want to see Beşkonak region and enjoy rafting in cool waters, you can call us every day of the week and experience this difference with your loved ones.

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