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Antalya Beskonak, About Beskonak Rafting Tour

Antalya Beskonak;

Antalya Beskonak is located within the bordersBeskonak rafting tours Antalya of the world-famous Koprulu Canyon National park, which is reached via the brown-collar road in the district of Manavgat. Antalya Beskonak 2019 latest population information is a total population of 1506, of which 765 are males and 741 are females. The main livelihood of Beskonak town and its neighborhood comes from rafting tourism on Koprucay in the region. Another livelihood is livestock. Even though it is a small part of agriculture, it is not suitable for agriculture because the region is mountainous and forested. Due to the proximity of the Beskonak region to the historical Koprulu Canyon region, rafting companies are lined up on the river bank. It is almost absent that does not come to the region and participate in the rafting tour. Rafting starting point of all companies starts under the canyon grand bridge of Beskonak Koprulu Canyon and the rafting adventure continues for 14 km. If you want to do rafting tour in Beskonak Koprucay, you can call us from our CONTACT numbers and have fun with your loved ones with the safe rafting tours we organize every day of the week.

About Beskonak Rafting Reservation

Beskonak Rafting Contact | About Beskonak Rafting Reservation

Beskonak Rafting Contact;

You can make reservations in seconds by calling +90 534 820 1169 between 08:00 - 02:00 to get the reservation details of Beskonak Rafting Contact and Beskonak Rafting Reservation. We offer the opportunity to make easy reservations with on-site payment options without dealing with money order or EFT. Our website is protected by SSL certificate and your personal information will never reach 3rd parties. CALL us to join the safe rafting tour with us!

About Beskonak Rafting Tour

Rafting at Beskonak | About Beskonak Rafting Tour

Rafting in Beskonak;

Rafting in Beskonak is the address of those who love nature and who want to embrace the excitement and adventure. It is located in the Koprulu Canyon area, which is called the hidden paradise in Manavgat district of Antalya. You can take a safe rafting tour with us if you want to experience excitement with your loved ones full day by participating in the rafting tour among the oxygen-rich breezes of the Taurus Mountains. We call it safe because all our teams and equipment organize rafting tours in accordance with national standards. Call us about the rafting tour program, rafting prices and campaigns in Beskonak. Buggy safari, jeep safari offroad, Zipline and greyhound canyon tours are available in Beskonak Rafting region. For our guests, they can color their tours by purchasing discounted COMBO packages.

About Beskonak Rafting Tours

Beskonak Rafting | About Beskonak Rafting | Rafting Tours

Beskonak Rafting;

Beskonak Rafting is a sports activity that can be made by anyone with an adventure spirit that feels free. While battling Beskonak Rafting in the Koprucay river, you will not be able to escape the other boats following you. We make groups according family groups and friends on the same boat without separation . Thanks to our expert guides, we guarantee that you will have a safe rafting tour and you will do quality rafting. Beskonak Rafting offers our guests the opportunity to choose a delicious fish menu or grilled skewers. If you want to do rafting in the only company that does not compromise on the service quality of the region, you can fill out the quick reservation form or you can call us to make a reservation. Beskonak rafting is done in Koprulu Canyon and it is the only place where real rafting is done in Antalya. We are waiting for you at the Koprulu canyon for the Beskonak Rafting Tours.

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