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About Beskonak Rafting Tour

Rafting at Beskonak | About Beskonak Rafting Tour

Beskonak Rafting Tour

Rafting in Beşkonak is a popular water sport activity carried out in this region, appealing to individuals of various age groups, from seven to seventy years old. This exhilarating adventure is led by experienced guides and has gained global recognition for its extensive course, challenging terrain, crystal-clear waters, pristine forests, and lush vegetation.

Beşkonak stands out for its beginner-friendly rapids, rated at levels 1 and 2, signifying a relatively easy experience. Rafting excursions, accommodating 8 to 12 participants per boat, are guided tours that do not necessitate swimming skills. Alternatively, two-person canoes can be utilized, enhancing the enjoyment when undertaken in groups. No specific documentation, certifications, or prior rafting experience is mandatory. Young participants under the age of 10 are seated in a secure area of the raft without paddles, while those over 10 engage in paddling under the guidance of the tour leader. Adherence to the guide's directions is vital for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Beşkonak's gentle rapids of levels 1 and 2 provide an ideal setting for novices in rafting. This region has played a pivotal role in uncovering hidden natural and historical treasures. Rafting in Beşkonak is a year-round activity, establishing it as a premier destination for river rafting tours in Turkey. To explore the scenic wonders of Beşkonak and partake in the thrills of rafting in refreshing waters, interested individuals can join our groups on any day of the week by reaching out to us. Antalya Adventures offers transportation from Antalya's city center and districts in modern air-conditioned vehicles for our rafting tours. Alternatively, participants are welcome to use their own transportation to engage in rafting and other activities. We eagerly anticipate your presence at our captivating and lively adventures.

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