What is Rafting, How to do Rafting, What is the Difficulty Level

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Where the water flow rate is sufficient, to row with inflatable boats and canoes with or against the current in synchronizationed groups accompanied by a guide, to struggle during the course of the river by overcoming the possible raps and obstacles that you will encounter is called Rafting.

How to do rafting?

Rafting tracks are divided into classes according to the regional difficulty levels of rivers in the world. We would like to talk about how rafting can be done on our track with a +3 difficulty level in Koprulu Canyon.

Koprucay region ...

It is not necessary to have certain knowledge and experience to do rafting. All rafting lovers who do not have 7 or more health problems can rafting with peace of mind. Visual and live information 20 minutes before the tour tells you how you should behave in the river, what can and should not be done. Rest assured as there will be a professional guide in the boat throughout the tour. Some perceive falling from the boat as failure, but we call it as a different dimension of adrenaline. After all, you don't fall into the middle of the ocean. There are no sharks in the river waiting for eating you . It is natural to have fears for those who have never done rafting before ,but once you do, we guarantee that you will come back again and again. Did you know that rafting in the river is 94% safer than driving by car in the traffic!

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