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Antalya Koprucay Rafting Tour

Koprucay Rafting;

Koprucay is a stream that has been flowing for centuries, giving life to the regions it passes through.The first place where it started is Sutculer district of Isparta. It covered several kilometers and merged with several branches, causing the formation of tracks suitable for rafting in Beskonak town. Koprucay with an unprecedented clarity is almost among the cleanest rivers in Turkey today. Koprucay is a place that is constantly visited for rafting sports enthusiasts. Koprucay official rafting track is 14 km. After that, rafting has been made dangerous and prohibited by the structure of the river. The Koprucay river is so cold that entering it without swimming to swim can cause cramps in your body. Koprucay passed through two villages known as rafting areas, namely Karabuk and Beskonak villages, and almost drawn a border. Koprucay Aspendos (Belkis) passes near him and ends with a pouring out of Mediterranean . If you want to do rafting in this unique Koprucay stream, you can call us and participate in the rafting tours we organize every day of the week.

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Koprucay Water Temperature, About Antalya Koprucay Water Temperature Rating

About Antalya Koprucay Water Temperature Rating | Koprucay

Koprucay Water Temperature, About Antalya Koprucay Water TemperaKoprucay Water Temperature;

Antalya Koprucay water temperature rating contains 9 natural water resources in summer and winter. Even if the temperature of Antalya increases a little in the summer heat, the coldness of the water is almost as cool as the water you drink from the fridge. You can not do rafting in such cool waters in any city of our country. Antalya Koprucay water is unlike any stream you know. The flow of the river, which has places with high flow rate, varies between 1 and 5 meters on average. The cool waters of Koprucay create habitats for red-spotted trout. You can make a reservation by calling us to have fun with us in the coolest waters of Antalya's coolest tea.

About Antalya Koprucay Rafting Difficulty Degree

Koprucay Rafting Difficulty Degree | Antalya Koprucay Level

About Antalya Koprucay Rafting Difficulty DegreeKoprucay Rafting Difficulty Level;

Antalya Koprucay Rafting Difficulty Degree is classified as 1 and 2. According to the rules of this class, swimming conditions are not sought, and there are tracks that can be easily done by almost anyone who does not have a health problem. Young participants aged +7 and over can join the adventure with their families. Especially in the summer, the courses become more reliable thanks to the decreasing water flow. Antalya Koprucay Rafting is a river that is rafted in accordance with international standards in parallel with its difficulty level. Antalya Rafting Koprucay hosts Turkey's most reliable difficulty of the course. Although many companies under the name of rafting are doing river activities in other stagnant rivers in the Antalya region, the most beautiful and enthusiastic waters of the Mediterranean are found only in Koprucay. It is the only region with real parkours under the name of rafting.

About Antalya Koprucay Rafting Tour

Antalya Koprucay Rafting | About Antalya Koprucay Rafting Tour

Antalya Koprucay Rafting;

Antalya Koprucay Rafting is known as the most beautiful river where extreme sports are performed. Its cleanness and deep blue waters make you feel excited while strolling in a hidden paradise garden among the beauties of nature. About Antalya Koprucay Rafting TourKoprucay river rafting Antalya is Turkey's best-known made clean rafting. Nowhere else can you take the rafting excursion with history. You can come to Antalya Koprucay Rafting tour between 09.00 and 18.00 in the pre-determined time period and can leave the humidity and heat of Antalya aside with your loved ones all day long. Thanks to the breaks we give while rafting in Antalya Koprucay, you will find plenty of swimming opportunities. You would feel the coolness to your veins by doing body rafting with the flow in groups. You can join our tours by calling us or filling the online contact form and making a quick reservation for Antalya Koprucay rafting trips. In addition, thanks to the rafting tour packages and CAMPAIGNS that are updated every week, you can choose the one that suits your budget and learn the price details.

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