Koprucay Water Temperature - About Antalya Koprucay Water Temperature Rating

Koprucay Water Temperature;

Antalya Koprucay water temperature rating contains 9 natural water resources in summer and winter. Even if the temperature of Antalya increases a little in the summer heat, the coldness of the water is almost as cool as the water you drink from the fridge. You can not do rafting in such cool waters in any city of our country. Antalya Koprucay water is unlike any stream you know. The flow of the river, which has places with high flow rate, varies between 1 and 5 meters on average. The cool waters of Koprucay create habitats for red-spotted trout. You can make a reservation by calling us to have fun with us in the coolest waters of Antalya's coolest tea.