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Buggy Tour

Buggy Safari Tour | Antalya Have Fun With Buggy Safari

Buggy Safari Tour;

Buggy Safari, Turkey has the best trails in the Koprulu canyon is a fun activity that crazy adventure seekers. Buggy Safari tour vehicles maximum capacity is two people and the participants can also use these vehicles as 1 person. You don't need any documents to join the Buggy Safari tour. Before the tour starts you will get the short training by professional Buggy guides which makes your safari safer. Antalya Buggy Safari tour duration is approximately 1.5 hours. The duration may be longer or slightly shorter due to weather conditions. Buggy Safari Tour participation conditions, the first you should definitely tell your guide before you start if you have a serious health problem that needs to be known! Another is that participants under the age of 18 cannot participate individually without parents. Those who want to participate should either be accompanied by a guide or with family members whose age is appropriate. Buggy Safari is known as the craziest adventure activity in the world lately. Now, if you want to join Buggy Safari in Antalya Koprulu canyon with a different trails and entertainment concept ,you can call us to reserve your place! Participants can have a full day adventure by joining both rafting + Buggy Safari tours. Call for detailed information about the packages including Roundtrip Transportation and reservation.

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