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Rafting Manavgat, About Antalya Rafting Manavgat

Rafting Manavgat | About Antalya Rafting Manavgat

Rafting Manavgat, About Antalya Rafting ManavgatRafting Manavgat;

Rafting is carried out in Koprucay river, which is famous for its clear and sparkling waters, located between Beskonak and Karabuk villages of Manavgat district. Rafting is approximately 48 km from Manavgat district. It is the closest district to the rafting area after Antalya Serik district. Transportation from Manavgat region to Koprulu Canyon region, where rafting is performed, can be reached every day of the week with daily rafting tours provided by us. Rafting should not be confused with Manavgat river in Manavgat. Koprucay river and Manavgat creeks have different branches. While yacht tours are organized on the Manavgat river, rafting tours are organized in Koprucay. You can participate in rafting tour adventure activities at the best prices by calling us for the transportation from Manavgat, Price and CAMPAIGN opportunities related to rafting.

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