Rafting in Manavgat, About Rafting Tour in Manavgat

Rafting in Manavgat | About Rafting Tour in Manavgat

Rafting in Manavgat, About Rafting Tour in ManavgatRafting Tour in Manavgat;

Rafting in Manavgat, Turkey's most beautiful rivers with a flow rate and have the appropriate rafting, family and loved ones is a crazy adventure activities you can enjoy the event. Rafting tour in Manavgat is a nature and sports activity held in the Koprulu Canyon region. Rafting in Manavgat is not as difficult as it seems. Thanks to the rafting tours we carry out at international standards, we first consider your safety. Remember that you will always be safe with us whether you come with your group or rafting with your family. The rafting track is 14 km in Manavgat and we are hosting the longest rafting course. You can be our guest at any time between 09:00 and 17:00. You can get reservation details by calling any of our communication lines between 08:00 - 02:00 a day before you need to do. If you are ready to get excited with us at rafting, make a reservation and take advantage of our opportunity prices.

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