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About Koprulu Canyon Rafting Tour

Antalya Rafting Tour | About Koprulu Canyon Rafting Tour

What should be considered while rafting?

Before starting rafting, the equipment should be checked to be complete and full. You should listen to the warnings of your guide and do not take individual actions. If your guide says you do not stand up in the boat, do not get up, do not do if jumping from the boat is dangerous to swim! We can duplicate the examples. You should pay attention to every word the guide says. It is very important for the safety of yourself and your group mates. Remember, if you are a world swimming champion, you cannot be as professional as a rafting guide who knows the structure and characteristics of the river.

Who can join the rafting tour?

The condition for participating in the rafting tour varies according to the difficulty level of the river. However, if you are going to rafting on the Antalya Koprulu Canyon Koprucay known as the difficulty level is 1-2, can participate any age group of +7 years and over who have no serious health problems. You can get detailed information by filling out our quick reservation form or by calling any of the contact numbers to join the Antalya rafting tour.

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