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What is Rafting? Defining Rafting Sport


What is Rafting? RaftingThe struggle with water by overcoming natural obstacles in the rivers with the help of paddles without knocking the boat in groups of 6 to 8 persons, with course classes from 1 to 6 according to the flow heights of the rivers, is called rafting.

How to do rafting? In order to do rafting, you must have the necessary equipment first. These equipments include helmet, paddle, life jacket, rescue rope, rafting shoes and rafting boat. For rafting, rowing synchronously is required in groups. Shovels that will be pulled irregularly allow the boat to go in different directions and move out of your control. For this reason, there should be only one sound during rafting. It is imperative that everyone obey the instructions given by the guide. What the guide says should be strictly followed.

Where are Antalya rafting tours organized and organized? Antalya rafting tours are organized on the Koprucay river in the historical national park area of ​​Beskonak Koprulu canyon in Manavgat district. The distance to Antalya center is approximately 90 km.

If you want to join the rafting tour in Antalya Koprulu Canyon, you can call us and get detailed information and make reservations easily.

What is Rafting Wikipedia How is rafting done Defining rafting s

Rafting Difficulty Level, About Rafting Difficulty Level

Antalya Rafting Difficulty Level, About Rafting Difficulty Level

Rafting Difficulty Levels And Degrees;

Rafting difficulty level is classified as the stiffness and difficulty levels of streams, and accordingly, the age limit of the participants is an important factor in determining the number of person participation. Below is information on rafting difficulty levels and degrees from 1 to 6;

1st Degree: It means water with small waves and fast flowing.

  1. It is described as an easy level.
  2. Numbered as difficult level.
  3. It falls into a very difficult level class.
  4. The extremely difficult level is a level that must be done by experienced professional teams. Life safety risk is higher.
  5. It is almost impossible to do and we can say that it is suicide whichh cannot be negotiated. Antalya rafting tour is classified as difficulty level 1-2 and s

Classes 1 and 2 are among the classes that do not require experience among the above classes. Experience and swimming know-how are not sought in these classes. Almost anyone with no health problems can do it. In the 3rd and 4th grades, the swimming condition is sought and we can say that it is a level with difficult tracks.

Antalya rafting tour is classified as difficulty level 1-2 and swimming knowing condition is not required. Everyone who is +7 years old and above without health problems can participate with peace of mind.

Rafting Prices, Prices, About Antalya Rafting Opportunities

Rafting Prices, Prices | About Antalya Rafting Opportunities

Rafting Prices, Fees;

Rafting Prices should be a form of policy that Firms must provide in direct proportion to the service. Unfortunately, many of the rafting participants undergo price research before questioning the service. Rafting Prices, FeesRafting sport, safety and equipment should be done fully, and should be performed within the framework of the rules set by the federation. If the prices offered with the service they provide are disproportionate, they should be considered seriously. Firms that offer lower prices than they can have ,ruin your day and can not make you have fun. You need to pay attention to the quality of the service before you will questioned the quantity. You can get information about the rafting prices and opportunities updated every week without sacrificing service quality by clicking on our CAMPAIGNS link.

Antalya Rafting Tour, About Koprulu Canyon Rafting Tour

Antalya Rafting Tour | About Koprulu Canyon Rafting Tour

What should be considered while rafting?

Before starting rafting, the equipment should be checked to be complete and full. You should listen to the warnings of your guide and do not take individual actions. The condition for participating in the rafting tour varies accorIf your guide says you do not stand up in the boat, do not get up, do not do if jumping from the boat is dangerous to swim! We can duplicate the examples. You should pay attention to every word the guide says. It is very important for the safety of yourself and your group mates. Remember, if you are a world swimming champion, you cannot be as professional as a rafting guide who knows the structure and characteristics of the river.

Who can join the rafting tour?

The condition for participating in the rafting tour varies according to the difficulty level of the river. However, if you are going to rafting on the Antalya Koprulu Canyon Koprucay known as the difficulty level is 1-2, can participate any age group of +7 years and over who have no serious health problems.

You can get detailed information by filling out our quick reservation form or by calling any of the contact numbers to join the Antalya rafting tour.

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