The Most Beautiful Bays of Antalya and Their Names, Antalya Bays

The Most Beautiful Bays of Antalya and Their Names

There are a number of bays that contribute greatly to Antalya tourism. We recommend you to see these magnificent naturally occurring world wonder bays that literally form the face of Antalya. The names and characteristics of the bays that should definitely go and see in Antalya are included.

Antalya's Most Famous BaysAntalya's Most Famous Bays List;

  • Maden (Atbuku) Bay - Kemer
  • Fırnaz Bay - Kas
  • Bostanlık Bay - Kemer
  • Beycik Buku Bay - Kemer
  • Mehmet Ali Buku Bay - Kemer
  • Adrasan Bay - Kumluca
  • Andrea Doria Bay - Finike
  • Buyuk Cakıl Cove - Kas
  • Ceneviz Bay - Kumluca
  • Pirate Bay (Karaoz) - Kumluca
  • Phaselis Bay - Kemer
  • Sazak Bay - Adrasan Kumluca
  • Kral Bay (Delik Deniz) - Alanya
  • Papaz Bay (Papaz Pier) - Kumluca
  • Tersane Bay - Kekova
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