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Scuba Diving Activity

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Scuba Diving;

Scuba diving offers a unique experience for those looking to explore the underwater world. This type of diving enables divers to stay underwater for longer periods thanks to the air tanks carried on their backs. Scuba diving is conducted using compressed air tanks that contain a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. Divers breathe from these tanks while underwater. Scuba diving equipment includes items such as a mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, weight system, and dive computer. Before starting scuba diving, divers must undergo basic diving training and obtain a diving certification. These trainings cover diving theory, equipment use, underwater communication techniques, and what to do in emergencies.

Free Diving; This is a type of diving that is performed without any breathing apparatus. In free diving, the diver relies on their own lung capacity to explore underwater. There are different disciplines within free diving, and the most important factor in this type of diving is learning how to control breathing. Free diving is considered a sport that requires mental and physical discipline. The duration and depth of a free diver's underwater stay depend entirely on their ability to hold their breath. Free divers prepare themselves before diving through deep breathing techniques and meditation.

Scuba diving and free diving offer two different methods for exploring the underwater world. Both types of diving require specific techniques, training, and safety measures. Scuba diving is ideal for those who want to stay underwater for longer and dive deeper. Free diving, on the other hand, is suitable for those who want to merge with the underwater world in a more natural way with minimal equipment. Health condition, safety measures, and proper training are of great importance in both types of diving.

Scuba Diving Activity in Antalya;

Antalya, located on the southern coast of Turkey and surrounded by the clear waters of the Mediterranean, is a holiday paradise. The region is not only perfect for sunbathing and enjoying the sea but also for those wanting to explore the underwater world. Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities offered in Antalya and is suitable for both experienced divers and beginners.

Before starting scuba diving, a brief theoretical training provided by a diving instructor covers how to use diving equipment, how to breathe underwater, and how to act in the face of potential risks. Antalya has many professional diving centers that offer training according to the standards of internationally recognized certification organizations such as SSI (Scuba Schools International) or PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

Among the locations offered for scuba diving in Antalya are popular tourist areas such as Antalya city center, Kemer, Kaş, and Alanya. These areas offer various diving spots such as underwater caves, wrecks, and colorful coral reefs. Kaş, in particular, is quite popular among divers for its diversity of underwater life and long visibility distance. The scuba diving locations in Antalya offer excellent options for divers of all levels who want to explore the rich underwater life of the Mediterranean.

When scuba diving, it is important to take care not to damage the fragile ecosystem of the underwater world. Not touching the marine life, not harming corals and other underwater structures are among the basic rules of being an environmentally responsible diver. Scuba diving in the crystal waters of Antalya offers an adventure filled with unique experiences and unforgettable memories.

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