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Manavgat Rafting Tour Program

Manavgat Koprulu Canyon Rafting | Manavgat Rafting Tour Program

Manavgat Koprulu Canyon Rafting Program;

The starting time of the Manavgat Koprulu Canyon Rafting Tour may vary depending on the density of the groups. Our guests arrive at the rafting meeting point between 10:30 and 11:00 in the morning. Here, the activities to be done during the tour are explained to them. They are informed about the do's and don'ts during the rafting tour. After the rafting tour participation forms are signed, it is time to take the rafting equipment. The rafting equipment provided in our changing cabins is worn according to body size. After all these preparatory stages are completed, the rafting start point is reached by getting on the vehicles ready by us. Our expert guides divide you into groups according to age and the languages ​​spoken by the guests. Each boat is between 8 and 10 people, and a guide is allocated to each rafting boat. Thus, the 14 km long rafting tour starts at 12:00 walls. There are rest breaks at some points determined by our guides. During the break, swimming and jumping activities are carried out in cool waters. After a 2-hour journey, you will arrive at the rafting end point, our restaurant where you will have dinner. Here, specially prepared grilled chicken skewers, seasonal salad, rice, seasonal fruit are served as an open buffet for the rafting tour. Our restaurant by the river makes it enjoyable to eat these delicious foods. In the meantime, your videos and photos were taken during the rafting tour. Our guests, who wish, can immortalize the day they live by purchasing and complete the day in a beautiful way. All these activities, which start at 11:00, end at 14.30 - 15:00. We answer any questions you want to know about Manavgat Koprulu Canyon Rafting. If you want to join the Manavgat Koprulu Canyon Rafting tour, you can buy it at the most affordable prices. CALL FOR RESERVATION and CAMPAIGN prices and packages! It is safe to have fun with us.

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