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Rafting Tour, Antalya Rafting Tour in Koprulu Canyon

rafting tour


Immerse yourself in the adventure of Antalya Rafting Tour, exploring the Köprülü Canyon and Manavgat through meticulously designed rafting excursions. Antalya Adventure promises a thrilling and enjoyable experience for participants, offering comprehensive insights into the art of rafting, eligibility criteria, tour itinerary, meal provisions, commencement and conclusion times, pricing details, and essential guidelines for a seamless tour experience. Convenient transportation services are available from various locations such as Antalya center, Kemer, Belek, Manavgat, and Alanya, ensuring a hassle-free journey to the adventure site. Whether you opt for self-driving or prefer pickup and drop-off services from your hotel, anticipate a riveting 14-kilometer river rafting escapade at Köprülü Canyon. Delight in captivating animations, traverse enchanting waterfalls, and encounter exhilarating surprises throughout the rafting expedition. Embark on one of Antalya's most rewarding activities the full-day rafting tour at competitive rates. We eagerly anticipate hosting you and your companions for an unforgettable Antalya Köprülü Canyon rafting venture.


  • Tour Duration: Approximately 3 hours for the 14 km rafting course
  • Age Limit: Suitable for all children above 4 years and individuals without significant health constraints.
  • Free Cancellation Policy: Enjoy a full refund up to 24 hours before the scheduled tour.
  • Book Now, Pay Later: Secure your spot without constraints. Reserve now and settle payment later.
  • Optional Round-trip Transfer: Kindly furnish us with your hotel details or location a day in advance for personalized pickup. Meeting times will be coordinated based on your accommodation. Please arrive at the rendezvous point at least 10 minutes before the scheduled pickup time.
  • Language Guides: Interpretation services available in English, German, Russian, and Arabic.

Experience and Highlights:

  • Encounter the thrill of navigating the longest rafting course in the region, spanning 14 kilometers.
  • Explore nature under the guidance of entertaining and knowledgeable leaders.
  • Rafting difficulty level ranges from 1 to 2, accommodating participants without significant health issues.
  • Engage in diverse animations, water challenges, and enjoyable breaks.
  • Engage in friendly water battles with other boats, experiencing both swift and gentle currents.
  • Indulge in a riverside lunch buffet amidst a natural ambience.
  • Conclude the day by watching summary videos capturing the essence of your adventure.

Meeting Point:

Coordinate with us at least 24 hours before your visit to confirm the meeting location and time. Share the necessary details via our WhatsApp line.

Inclusions in the Rafting Tour:

  • Rafting equipment
  • Expert guidance services
  • Open buffet lunch featuring grilled chicken skewers, seasonal salad, pasta, and fresh fruit
  • Essential rafting gear: helmet, life jacket, paddle
  • TRANSFER services


  • HD Video
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Personal Expenses
  • Water Shoes

Attire Recommendations:

rafting tour in antalya

Prepare a small bag before embarking on the rafting tour, including shorts and t-shirts for men, swimsuits, bikinis, or burkinis for women. Apply sunscreen for added protection in sunny conditions. Remember to bring a towel and avoid wearing jewelry like rings, necklaces, or anklets during the tour. Safeguard your valuables by leaving them in your vehicle or entrusting them to tour officials to prevent accidental loss in the water.

Technical Details about the River and Tour:

The Köprülü Canyon Rafting Course features rapids graded at an international difficulty level of 1-2, making it accessible to participants of all skill levels. No prior experience is necessary, and individuals without health concerns can partake in the rafting journey. During the summer months when water conditions are optimal, participants aged 5 years and above are welcome. Our expert guides and experienced staff ensure a secure and enjoyable expedition for all. Our facility offers 8-12 person rafting boats and double canoes to enhance your rafting experience.

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River Kayaking

River Kayaking | Antalya River Kayaking Tour

River Canoeing;

Among the natural beauties of Antalya, Köprülü Canyon stands out as an indispensable address for adventure and adrenaline enthusiasts. This magnificent natural wonder offers perfect conditions for river kayaking, also known as rafting. Köprülü Canyon, located in the Manavgat district of Antalya, is noted for its unspoiled nature and clear waters. The canyon sits on the Köprüçay River, which has ideal currents for rafting.

River kayaking is an activity usually done in groups with 1 to 2-person canoes and is conducted with experienced guides. This adventure sport is suitable for both experienced athletes and those who wish to experience this thrill for the first time. While rafting in Köprülü Canyon, you'll experience adrenaline-filled moments amidst breathtaking canyon views. Guides provide all necessary equipment for your safety and give basic instructions before the journey. This adventure typically lasts about 2 to 3 hours, during which you'll have unforgettable moments immersed in nature.

Those wanting to partake in the river kayaking adventure in Köprülü Canyon can do so during certain times of the year. The most suitable period is usually between spring and summer when the river flow is at an ideal level and nature is vibrantly alive. Participants are advised to bring a change of clothes, sunscreen, and water-resistant shoes. The most important point to remember is to respect nature and always prioritize environmental conservation. Spending a day river kayaking in Antalya's Köprülü Canyon is a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of nature and experience moments full of adrenaline.

If you're seeking an adventure among Antalya's unique natural beauties, it's time to go rafting with river kayaks with Antalya Adventures! Book now to take advantage of our suitable offer packages.

At Antalya Adventures, we offer courses suitable for participants of all levels, from beginners to advanced, with our experienced guides. Your safety is our top priority, so all necessary equipment is provided by us, and our activities are organized in accordance with safety standards.

Don't miss this unique experience by taking advantage of early booking benefits. You can participate alone, with your family, or with friends; and you can live unforgettable moments in the heart of nature. While rafting in the white waters of Antalya, enjoy both the fun and an immersive experience with nature. Book now for this adventure-filled journey with Antalya Adventures and take advantage of our suitable offer packages!

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Antalya Rafting Tours Contact & Reservation

Rafting Communication Line | Online Reservation

Contact & Reservation

For detailed information on rafting, canyoning, Tazı Canyon, Jeep safari, ATV quad safari, Buggy safari, zipline, yacht tours, pirate boat tours, relax boat tours, Adrasan Sulu Ada tours, scuba diving tours, parasailing, paragliding, and budget-friendly combo packages in Antalya, feel free to contact us from 08:00 to 02:00 via our contact lines. You can also swiftly access information on any topic by completing the online reservation form.

Discover the thrilling activities available in Antalya by reaching out to us. Anticipate adventures like rafting, canyoning, exploring Tazı Canyon, Jeep safari, ATV quad safari, Buggy safari, zipline, and various other exciting options. Moreover, indulge in sea activities such as yacht tours, pirate boat tours, relax boat tours, and Adrasan Sulu Ada tours. For diving enthusiasts, there are scuba diving tours, as well as parasailing for sea enthusiasts. Custom paragliding tours can also be arranged for you. Contact us for an unforgettable holiday experience with cost-effective combo packages. Dial us during operating hours or complete the online reservation form for comprehensive details. Prepare for a delightful and thrilling adventure!

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Antalya Rafting Tour Transportation included

River Rafting Tour | Antalya Rafting Tours with Transportation

Antalya Rafting Tour:

One of the most thrilling activities in Antalya is the exhilarating rafting tour through Köprülü Canyon. Simplifying your booking process, you can promptly embark on this adventure at a reasonable cost, inclusive of transportation and lunch. Accompanied by engaging guides familiar with Köprülü Canyon, you can enjoy a memorable rafting experience on Köprüçay River.

Our rafting tours are available daily, catering to solo participants as well. For those opting for transportation services, reservations should be made at least a day in advance, with pick-up times tailored to distance and meeting locations. Alternatively, participants can arrange their own transport and set the meeting point and time by contacting our communication channels or WhatsApp line.

The rafting route spans a scenic 14 kilometers, lasting approximately 3 hours, with intervals for group rest breaks. While lunch is not provided during the tour, an open buffet lunch option awaits post-adventure. For enthusiasts seeking more excitement beyond rafting, we offer combined package tours encompassing five diverse activities in a single day. Discover the ideal package to suit your budget and secure your reservation through our combo package tours. With 22 years of dedication to providing secure and enjoyable activities in Antalya, we aim to fulfill your adventure desires. Consider surprising your loved ones with adventurous experiences through our hassle-free reservation system. Opt for your preferred package and choose a payment method convenient for you, whether cash, credit card, or wire transfer. Reach out to secure your rafting tour reservation with or without transportation, and seize the limited-time campaign offers in our promotions section. Stay updated to select the most fitting package for an unforgettable adventure with Antalya Adventures.

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Antalya Rafting Tour Prices and Combo Package Tours

Most Affordable Rafting | Antalya Rafting Prices & Campaigns

Packages & Promotions

For those seeking thrills, adrenaline rushes, and awe-inspiring excursions, our diverse selection of offerings is sure to captivate your interest. Within our exclusive Tour Packages, you will immerse yourself in adventurous, entertaining, and adrenaline-pumping experiences, creating memorable moments with us. Our aim is to challenge your boundaries, foster new encounters, and rejuvenate your spirit through the exploration of nature. Whether you opt for daily transportation or choose to participate directly without transfer services, our tours cater to your preferences. To obtain transfer schedules, please contact us via our communication channels at least 24 hours before your scheduled tour.

Stay informed about our competitive prices and the latest promotions, as we update them weekly. Take advantage of the various day trips and excursions available in Antalya without compromising service quality, as we offer options to suit every budget. Our commitment is to guarantee an unforgettable holiday experience in Antalya, where our exclusive tour packages promise exhilarating moments amidst nature's splendor, infused with excitement. Our priority is to facilitate your personal growth through new experiences that push your boundaries.

Antalya mini combo packageOur transfer services ensure a hassle-free journey to join our tours, eliminating transportation concerns. Feel free to reach out for comprehensive tour details or transfer timings. Stay updated on our pricing and promotions to tailor your choices according to your budget. Explore enticing opportunities for day tours and excursions in Antalya; your delightful holiday awaits with us!

Your decision to vacation in Antalya is truly commendable! Enrich your experience with our exceptional tour packages, allowing you to revel in unforgettable moments, embrace the wonders of nature, and relish heart-pounding adventures. We are dedicated to guiding you towards new horizons by transcending your comfort zone. Avail yourself of our transfer services to seamlessly access our tours. Contact us for further tour insights or transfer particulars to enhance your holiday experience.

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Antalya Rafting Köprülü Canyon Transportation & Contact

Information on Private Vehicle Transportation in Rafting Tour

Rafting Contact and Transportation:

For guests opting to travel with their own vehicle, directions are conveniently accessible via the map section on our website. Furthermore, location details can be obtained and directions requested by utilizing the contact numbers provided on our website. As the exclusive 24/7 Rafting travel service in Turkey, feel free to reach out to us at any hour for assistance. Prior to embarking on your rafting excursion, do remember to contact us to arrange transportation, easily accessible from all districts of Antalya.

Ensuring accurate communication and transportation information for our rafting tours is a priority. Guests driving their vehicles can effortlessly access directions on our interactive map online. Moreover, location specifics and directions can be acquired by contacting the numbers listed on our website. As the sole 24/7 Rafting travel service in Turkey, our team is available round-the-clock for your inquiries. Before finalizing your rafting plans, reach out to us to coordinate transportation, conveniently accessible from every district in Antalya. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to provide you with a delightful and secure rafting experience.

In facilitating transportation to our rafting tours, it is essential to consider key details. Guests intending to bring their vehicles can easily find directions on our website's map section. Additionally, location details and directions can be acquired by reaching out to us through the contact numbers provided. As the exclusive 24/7 Rafting travel service in Turkey, our team is available at all times for your inquiries. With transportation options accessible from all districts of Antalya, we recommend contacting us before finalizing your rafting tour plans. Our experienced team is prepared to offer you a memorable and safe rafting adventure.

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