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Rafting Tour, Antalya Rafting Tour in Koprulu Canyon

Reservation & Campaigns;

Rafting tour in Koprulu Canyon is the most popular and preffered adventure tour.rafting tour in antalya The "raft" s in the protected area of the river canyon attract many tourists every summer. The quiet parts of the river and the 1st and 2nd class waterfalls provide a three-hour trip for adventure and relaxation in the magnificent Kopru Cay river canyon. Our rafting tours in blue and foamy waters in Antalya Koprulu Canyon usually end with lunch on the banks of the river. For price and campaign details including transportation and lunch, you can contact us by contact numbers in the contact area, or you can book early reservation for any day of the week by filling reservation form.

Antalya Rafting Communication

Antalya Rafting Communication | About Antalya Rafting

Antalya Rafting Communication;

Antalya Rafting Contact and reservation direct number is +90 534 820 1169. You can call the contact number between 08:00 and 02:00 AM to get information about rafting tours price information, campaign details, transportation information and tour program or you can get a quick response by filling out the online contact form at the bottom of our site. Our website is protected by SSL certificate. Your communication and personal information remains confidential by us. CALL to join the excitement of rafting tour.

Antalya Rafting Tours Koprulu Canyon

Rafting Tour | Antalya Rafting Tours | Koprulu Canyon

Rafting Tour;

Antalya province which has the most beautiful River in Turkey on the Manavgat Koprulu Canyon rafting trips continues at full throttle. If you want to present a safe rafting tour to your loved ones or participate in the rafting adventure of Koprulu Canyon, you can benefit from campaign prices including transportation, lunch and transportation from Antalya, Manavgat, Side, Alanya, Belek, Kundu, Serik and many of districts. In the Koprulu Canyon region you can join zipline, Canyoning tours. You can have fun full day by rafting on the longest parkour of Koprulu Canyon. But do not forget that you will make a reservation beforehand.

Antalya Rafting Tour Prices, Rafting Campaigns

Antalya Rafting Tour prices | Rafting Campaigns | Koprulu Canyon

Antalya Rafting Tour Prices, Rafting Campaigns, Koprulu Canyon rAntalya Rafting Tour Campaigns;

For those who are bored with the sweltering heat of Antalya and who are looking for a different adventure tour, here is the news that will cool you down! Would you come to Antalya and return without letting yourself go to the cool waters of the famous Koprulu Canyon ? We invite you to our adventure with transportation vehicles departing from Antalya region. Enjoy the cool waters and nature at the best prices with transportation and lunch, with the rafting packages we have prepared for you to participate in an unforgettable adventure in the cool and enthusiastic waters of the Koprulu Canyon! Make a reservation by calling now and get ready for an adventure day waiting for you! Another day full of excitement in Koprulu Canyon in Antalya Rafting Tour!

Antalya Rafting Transportation Services

Antalya Rafting Transportation Services | Koprulu Canyon

How To Go;

Our guests who will participate in daily rafting, zipline, trekking and canyoning tours within the provincial borders of Antalya are provided rafting transfer transportation service with our new and latest model air-conditioned vehicles from all regions of Antalya every day of the week. The route of the vehicles is chosen because of the fact that our guests come from the hotel areas in general. In the center of Antalya, we get from many at certain known points to you easily, such as Migros Shopping Mall. Our shuttle services in Antalya Center are between 08:10 and 09:40 and all of our guests who make a Transfer Transportation Reservation are taken and is reached to the Beskonak Town Restaurant in Antalya's Manavgat district. Here, a break interval is given for you to be greeted with a smiling face by our customer representative and rest in our facility in a way that will not be long.

In our Antalya Rafting facility, our guests can change their clothes in the changing cabinets. Our guests who will do rafting get the necessary equipment and get the necessary information about rafting from our guides. You can be reached to the Rafting Start point by getting on our transfer vehicles. If you wish, you can give your valuable things to the authorized personnel in our restaurant, or easily leave it in the vehicles you come. Vehicle doors will never be opened until you finish your Rafting track and return. After the 14-kilometer rafting parkour is completed, return preparations begin at the restaurant with taking your shower, wearing the dry clothes you have brought with you , getting on the transfer transportation vehicles you have come by . Depending on the distance of the regions reached at the end of the entire tour transportation operation will be completed.

Koprulu Canyon, Kopru Cay Rafting Program

Rafting Tour in Antalya | Koprulu Canyon | Rafting Program

Antalya Rafting Program;

Rafting is a group activity on the Kopru Cay in the Canyon area of ​​Antalya. When you come to the region, the rafting meeting point, preliminary preparations begin by explaining the important rules to be followed during the rafting tour. Standard equipments suitable for body measurements as life vest, helmet and shovel are given to the participants. Groups are formed before boarding the inflatable boats waiting at the starting point of the rafting. Each rafting boat is for 6 to 12 people. 1 guide is given per boat. Generally, families are grouped with their family groups and foreign participants are grouped according to their nationality as much as possible and guidance is given according to the language they speak. The rafting tour starts after the groups are formed. Rest, swimming and jumping into water are given once or twice on the 14 km track. During the tour, photos and videos are taken while you are having fun. If you like it you can buy it at the end of the tour. After the 14 km track is completed, the meal specific to the delicious rafting tour is eaten. Thus, the activity is completed. Rafting is the best sports activity doing in Antalya. We invite you to join this excitement.

Side Rafting

Side Rafting | Side Rafting Tour | Antalya Side Tours

Side Rafting Tour;

We have rafting tours from Antalya Side region every day of the week. If you want to rafting by exploring nature in the cool waters of the world-famous Koprulu Canyon, do not decide without examining our rafting and other tour packages that are right for you! Side is one of the closest districts to the rafting region. For this reason, your journey will not take long while going to the region, and you will not be in trouble while rafting. You will enjoy having fun with your family and group of friends by choosing the package that will suit you individually with transportation + lunch + rafting + guiding service + insurance. You will feel safe thanks to our guides who know the region and Kopru Cay well. You do not want to have swimming skills in rafting participation conditions in Koprulu Canyon. You can join the rafting tour with peace of mind at all times when the season and water flow are suitable. You can search for package details and prices and book online quickly. Please note that rafting reservations must be made no later than 1 day before! We wish you lots of fun.

Alanya Rafting Tour

Alanya Rafting | Alanya Rafting Tour | Alanya Koprulu Canyon

Alanya Rafting Tour;

Rafting is among the rare extreme sports that can be done professionally and amateurly. Rafting in Koprulu Canyon is ideal for almost every age group. After a brief acknowledgement with your friends and family groups, you can do it safely! Alanya is about 1 hour drive from rafting area. We have transportation vehicles for Koprulu Canyon rafting tour from Alanya every day of the week when air and water flow is suitable. Do not miss the opportunity to benefit from our suitable rafting packages, to have fun during the day, to have lunch on the region-specific river shore, to have an unforgettable day. Alanya Rafting Tour free transportation to the Koprulu Canyon - return + lunch rafting tour opportunity package is for a short time. CALL for detailed information and reservations for immediate use. Get involved the rafting tour from Alanya and print your name on the adventure!

Belek Rafting Tours

Belek Rafting | Belek Rafting Tour | Koprulu Canyon Belek Tours

Belek Rafting Tour;

Do you want to escape, relax, recharge and spend quality time with your family and friends? Try something new and take your first step with us. If you want adventure and live, good experience at the Rafting Tour in Koprulu Canyon, you can get detailed information for rafting prices including transportation from Belek, Side, Manavgat, Kemer, Kundu, Lara, Alanya, Konyaaltı regions and transportation.

Canyon & Canyoning Tour

Canyon | Antalya Canyon Tours | Canyon & Canyoning Tour

Antalya Canyon & Canyoning Tours;

Canyon is a naturally occurring valley where its form deep pits and steep crevices opened by hard waters eroding soft rocks over time in karistic terrains.The best example of this is the Koprulu Canyon in Antalya. So, it is flooded by influx of visitors. Koprulu canyon (Canyon) is about 95 km from Antalya center. In the region, you can also see these unique magnificent rock formations closely with the "canyoning" tour to travel to the heart of the canyon, and you can join the rafting tour with the inflatable boats that await you after the activity that will take about 1.5 hours. You can get information by calling us for Canyon tour in Antalya.

Rafting with Family and Children

Every Day Rafting | Rafting with Family and Children

We Organize Rafting Every Day İn Antalya Korpulu Canyon;

Daily activities in Antalya are diverse and numerous! But unfortunately, it is not easy to find if you are looking for a fun activity with your family. If you want to get rid of mediocrity with your family or group of friends, here is an offer for you. You can choose one of our rafting, canyoning, zipline tours in the Koprulu Canyon to learn what you do not know in the natural environment, forget what you know, and have full-time fun with full heart beats! Thanks to the unique parkour of each of our tours, your self-confidence will be renewed, the viewpoint of the window you are looking will change! Now let's come to our rafting tour which is the first of our day tours! It is very easy to join the rafting tour. First of all, you can start by contacting us from our CONTACT page and stating which day and how many people will participate. For those who will prefer the round trip transportation vehicle from us, leave the rest to us. After a brief informative speech, we board our rafting boats for 8 to 10 people and start the 14 km course! Your entertainment is doubled thanks to the activities that are included in the tour package. At the end of the tour, after the delicious lunch you have eaten by the river, our activity ends. We return to the place where participants are taken by getting on the transportation vehicles. Those who want to take part on our other tours canyoning and Zipline, please contact us at the contact number for detailed information. Please CALL US for a fun rafting tour reservation!

Antalya Canyoning Tour

Canyon Tour | Antalya Canyoning Tour | Korpulu Canyon Antalya

Canyon, Canyoning Tour;

Canyoning is as fun as it sounds. This activity, which we organize, means that you will travel approximately 2.5 km between the natural canyon river rafting that occurs with natural formations that you cannot get enough of that magnificent view of the water resources that make up the river. This journey is sometimes provided by swimming and sometimes by boats and canoes. Our team creates special parkours where you can jump from famous rocks to cool waters and will have a different experience with your loved ones.It will be a little tiring, but don't be afraid, the real fatigue will be caused by the rowing you will do in the rafting tour after the canyoning. If you say no, I do not want to get tired of rowing, be sure that our team will find you something that will tire you :) Try to listen to your guide. Canyoning tour is one of the beautiful activities you can choose for your body health and development. You know how and where to reach us, but we can still tell you, by calling any of the mobile phones in the contact section of our Raftingo web page or by filling out the reservation form, you can get detailed information. Remember: "You have a lot to live"

Everyday Adventure

Everyday Adventure, Excitement, Adrenaline | Best Rafting Prices

Everyday Adventure;

If your time is not enough for multi-day trips, we organize a day rafting trip in Antalya Koprulu Canyon. Your journey will start in the morning and you will return by private transportation in the evening. Just one day but there is so much for you to enjoy today. Discover Kopru Cay fun, fast expeditions with your family enjoying the magnificent views of nature and time. Even one day in the river makes a difference! A river cruise helps you get rid of daily intense rush, helping you to enjoy life with people you love. A river cruise brings out the best of people, welcomes you with plenty of new experience and power, gives you a fresh air, which is the easiest and best way to feel the happiness of family time to discover new things in nature. BOOK NOW for a day trip.

Best Rafting Best Price

Best Rafting Best Price | Manavgat Rafting Tours | Rafting Tour

Best Price;

Rafting is exciting for adrenaline and extreme lovers in Antalya region. Rafting is done in a few our province in Turkey, but The pleasure of rafting among the historical textures in the Koprulu Canyon is undoubtedly more beauty. Rafting lovers from all over the world have crazy fun with 2 km canyoning and 14 km rafting, with a total of 16 km of amazing parkour. You can experience the excitement of the full course by booking for rafting tour in Koprulu Canyon, which can be easily done by almost any age group without health problems. For more information and reservations, please visit our CONTACT section.

Antalya Rafting Tour

Antalya Rafting Tour

Antalya Rafting Tours;

  • Best Rafting Tours in Koprulu Canyon.
  • Accessible adventures regardless of skill or ability level.
  • Contains the best Class rapids in the country.
  • 3-hour journey. Breakfast or lunch options.
  • The most suitable prices per person (Ask us about our group discounts)
  • Small travel sizes keep you personal, maintain an intimate wild and scenic experience.
  • Get an idea of local flora and fauna, geology and cultural history.

Time goes fast. It is very important to create moments that enrich life with the people you love. At All Adventures Rafting, we offer you an opportunity to organize a 3-hour rafting trip that you will remember for a lifetime. We offer rafting trips to healthy people of all ages on the Kopru Cay River, which has white sparkling waters.

Our rafting trips are accessible adventures for everyone, regardless of skill or ability level. White water rafting is a unique human experience that puts you in the heart of nature. While swimming in the river, you will learn about vegetation, fauna and the people you are with in and around the river. Are you ready to end the day with us in a magnificent adventure? Experience the freedom of the river and create a memory with your family and loved ones that will be discussed in the coming years.

You can reach us quickly from the CAMPAIGNS and COMMUNICATION field for price including transportation and lunch.

Rafting Packages & Antalya Rafting Tour Services

Antalya Rafting Tour | Rafting Packages | Rafting Tour Services

Rafting Tour & Rafting Packages;

We are the most preferred in Antalya with the service quality we offer in Koprulu Canyon. As an activity, we offer not only rafting but also Canyoning Tour in Koprulu Canyon. Below you can find services that are specially prepared for the rafting tour, which are included in the price and not included.

Services included in the Rafting Transfer Package Tour:

  • Rafting
  • Transfer (with new model vehicles)
  • Guidance Service
  • Insurance
  • Open buffet lunch
  • Rafting equipment (helmet, life jacket, paddle, neoprem, raincoat)

Services not included in the Rafting Package Tour:

  • Video
  • photo
  • Alcoholic and soft drinks
  • Special food menu requests (Meat skewers, Lamb kebab, Trout etc.)
  • Double Canoe
  • Special willing V.i.P Transfer service

Before joining our tours, you should definitely visit our CAMPAIGNS section and catch the opportunity suits you.

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