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Antalya Rafting Transportation Services, Koprulu Canyon Transfer

Antalya Rafting Transportation Services, Koprulu Canyon Transfer

How To Go;

Our guests who will participate in daily rafting, zipline, trekking and canyoning tours within the provincial borders of Antalya are provided rafting transfer transportation service with our new and latest model air-conditioned vehicles from all regions of Antalya every day of the week. The route of the vehicles is chosen because of the fact that our guests come from the hotel areas in general. In the center of Antalya, we get from many at certain known points to you easily, such as Migros Shopping Mall.

Antalya Rafting Transportation Services, Koprulu Canyon TransferOur shuttle services in Antalya Center are between 08:10 and 09:40 and all of our guests who make a Transfer Transportation Reservation are taken and is reached to the Beskonak Town Restaurant in Antalya's Manavgat district. Here, a break interval is given for you to be greeted with a smiling face by our customer representative and rest in our facility in a way that will not be long.

In our Antalya Rafting facility, our guests can change their clothes in the changing cabinets. Our guests who will do rafting get the necessary equipment and get the necessary information about rafting from our guides.

You can be reached to the Rafting Start point by getting on our transfer vehicles. If you wish, you can give your valuable things to the authorized personnel in our restaurant, or easily leave it in the vehicles you come. Vehicle doors will never be opened until you finish your Rafting track and return.

After the 14-kilometer rafting parkour is completed, return preparations begin at the restaurant with taking your shower, wearing the dry clothes you have brought with you , getting on the transfer transportation vehicles you have come by . Depending on the distance of the regions reached at the end of the entire tour transportation operation will be completed.

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