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Antalya Rafting Tour Transportation included

River Rafting Tour | Antalya Rafting Tours with Transportation

Antalya Rafting Tour:

One of the most thrilling activities in Antalya is the exhilarating rafting tour through Köprülü Canyon. Simplifying your booking process, you can promptly embark on this adventure at a reasonable cost, inclusive of transportation and lunch. Accompanied by engaging guides familiar with Köprülü Canyon, you can enjoy a memorable rafting experience on Köprüçay River.

Our rafting tours are available daily, catering to solo participants as well. For those opting for transportation services, reservations should be made at least a day in advance, with pick-up times tailored to distance and meeting locations. Alternatively, participants can arrange their own transport and set the meeting point and time by contacting our communication channels or WhatsApp line.

The rafting route spans a scenic 14 kilometers, lasting approximately 3 hours, with intervals for group rest breaks. While lunch is not provided during the tour, an open buffet lunch option awaits post-adventure. For enthusiasts seeking more excitement beyond rafting, we offer combined package tours encompassing five diverse activities in a single day. Discover the ideal package to suit your budget and secure your reservation through our combo package tours. With 22 years of dedication to providing secure and enjoyable activities in Antalya, we aim to fulfill your adventure desires. Consider surprising your loved ones with adventurous experiences through our hassle-free reservation system. Opt for your preferred package and choose a payment method convenient for you, whether cash, credit card, or wire transfer. Reach out to secure your rafting tour reservation with or without transportation, and seize the limited-time campaign offers in our promotions section. Stay updated to select the most fitting package for an unforgettable adventure with Antalya Adventures.

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