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Köprülü Canyon Canyoning Tour;

When describing Canyoning, we would like to briefly mention the intricacies of the famous Köprülü Canyon National Park located within the borders of Antalya province in our country. Canyoning is among the most popular tours in Antalya in recent years. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the descent to the source of numerous small and large waterfalls that form the clear rafting river. One of the key features that sets Canyoning apart from rafting tours is that children under 10 years old are not allowed on this tour. The Canyoning route consists of a mix of trekking, swimming, and activities such as jumping from rocks into deep waters, just like in any other sports, Canyoning also has challenging passages created by its unique terrain conditions.

To avoid any accidents in these potentially dangerous passages, it is essential to listen to your guide and refrain from impulsive actions. Before starting the Canyoning tour, it is crucial to wear non-slip shoes on your feet. As the Antalya adventures team, we have created two different course areas within the national park.

The first one starts from the historic wooden bridge when weather conditions are favorable, and includes a walk of about 1 km on large rocks from an area known as hot water. Upon reaching the cold water, which forms the rafting river with waterfalls, you let yourself drift with the current, which we call body rafting, until you reach the source of a large waterfall gushing out of natural rocks. Some guests may choose to enter the very cold water in the pool to capture images and videos that can't be found anywhere else in the world. Then, those interested can climb up to rocks with heights ranging from 7 to 10 meters and experience the thrill of jumping into deep waters. Of course, while doing all these, let's not forget that it is crucial to follow only your guide's commands. Meanwhile, the Antalya Adventures team works on lowering the rafting boats from ropes off 40-50 meter high cliffs for the participants.

After completing the jumping animation, guests board inflatable boats and progress through the canyon with the flow while enjoying the natural wonder and unparalleled scenery. This progress takes approximately one and a half kilometers. Passing under the famous historic stone arch bridge with its belt, the Koprulu Canyon, the tour reaches the rafting starting point along with the calm flow. Thus, the first option of our tour is completed.

The second Canyoning course option we have created is mostly used during rainy weather and high water flow periods. When the water flow increases, instead of walking on rocks as in the first course option, the rocks are submerged under water. The main feature that sets this course apart from the others is that participants row against the current in a synchronized manner starting from the rafting starting point inside the boats. This way, the area with the visuals of waterfalls that form the natural rafting river is reached.

Antalya Adventures has always been a pioneer in adventure tours. If you think there are many things to experience in life, let Antalya Adventures be your adventure destination.

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