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We Organize Rafting Every Day İn Antalya Korpulu Canyon;

Daily activities in Antalya are diverse and numerous! But unfortunately, it is not easy to find if you are looking for a fun activity with your family. If you want to get rid of mediocrity with your family or group of friends, here is an offer for you. You can choose one of our rafting, canyoning, zipline tours in the Koprulu Canyon to learn what you do not know in the natural environment, forget what you know, and have full-time fun with full heart beats! Rafting with Family and Children, Rafting AntalyaThanks to the unique parkour of each of our tours, your self-confidence will be renewed, the viewpoint of the window you are looking will change! Now let's come to our rafting tour which is the first of our day tours! It is very easy to join the rafting tour. First of all, you can start by contacting us from our CONTACT page and stating which day and how many people will participate. For those who will prefer the round trip transportation vehicle from us, leave the rest to us. After a brief informative speech, we board our rafting boats for 8 to 10 people and start the 14 km course! Your entertainment is doubled thanks to the activities that are included in the tour package. At the end of the tour, after the delicious lunch you have eaten by the river, our activity ends. We return to the place where participants are taken by getting on the transportation vehicles. Those who want to take part on our other tours canyoning and Zipline, please contact us at the contact number for detailed information. Please CALL US for a fun rafting tour reservation!

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