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About Rafting Difficulty Level

Antalya Rafting Difficulty Level, About Rafting Difficulty Level

Rafting Difficulty Levels and Classifications:

Rafting difficulty levels pertain to the intensity and challenges presented by water currents. These levels also consider the age restrictions for participants. Below is an overview of rafting difficulty levels categorized from 1 to 6:

1st Degree:

This level features water with small waves and rapid flow.

  1. It is considered an easy level of difficulty.
  2. Ranked as a moderately challenging level.
  3. Falls into the category of very challenging.
  4. The extremely challenging level demands the expertise of seasoned professional teams due to higher life safety risks.
  5. It is an exceptionally demanding level, bordering on the perilous, and generally requires professional guidance.

Levels 1 and 2 are accessible to beginners and do not demand prior experience or swimming skills. These levels are suitable for almost anyone in good health. In contrast, levels 3 and 4 necessitate swimming proficiency and are characterized by more demanding water conditions.

The Antalya rafting tour is classified as difficulty level 1-2, where participants are not required to possess swimming skills. Individuals aged 7 years and above, free from health concerns, are welcome to partake in this experience.

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