Rafting Difficulty Level, About Rafting Difficulty Level

Rafting Difficulty Levels And Degrees;

Rafting difficulty level is classified as the stiffness and difficulty levels of streams, and accordingly, the age limit of the participants is an important factor in determining the number of person participation. Below is information on rafting difficulty levels and degrees from 1 to 6;

1st Degree: It means water with small waves and fast flowing.

  1. It is described as an easy level.
  2. Numbered as difficult level.
  3. It falls into a very difficult level class.
  4. The extremely difficult level is a level that must be done by experienced professional teams. Life safety risk is higher.
  5. It is almost impossible to do and we can say that it is suicide whichh cannot be negotiated. Antalya rafting tour is classified as difficulty level 1-2 and s

Classes 1 and 2 are among the classes that do not require experience among the above classes. Experience and swimming know-how are not sought in these classes. Almost anyone with no health problems can do it. In the 3rd and 4th grades, the swimming condition is sought and we can say that it is a level with difficult tracks.

Antalya rafting tour is classified as difficulty level 1-2 and swimming knowing condition is not required. Everyone who is +7 years old and above without health problems can participate with peace of mind.