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Antalya Rafting Tour Program, About Rafting Tours Program

Rafting Tours Program | Antalya About Rafting Tours Program

Antalya Rafting Tour Program, About Rafting Tours ProgramAntalya Rafting Tour program;

Antalya Rafting Tour program, we can also say the to-do list according to the predetermined time before the rafting sport begins. Antalya Rafting Tour program starts when our guests arrive at our meeting point at 11:00 in the morning. Here, a half-hour informative speech is given before starting the rafting tour. What to do when you fall off the boat, how the paddles are pulled, what commands the guide will give, etc. After the informative speech, rafting equipment (helmet, life jacket, paddle) is given to them by going to the changing cabinets and then they are taken to the rafting starting point by getting on our vehicles waiting by us. Groups are created here to accompany each rafting boat with a guide. The 14 km rafting adventure begins at 12:00. Obstacles and waterfalls in the river are passed one by one. A break is given at approximately 13:00. Your rafting tour becomes more enjoyable by organizing activities such as swimming, jumping from high to water, rafting games in the place where you take a break. At the end of the two-hour journey, we come to our meeting point, our restaurant, and the clothes are changed, and wet rafting clothes are put in place. The food is eaten by the river, which is carefully prepared according to your taste. Video images taken while you are rafting during the tour are watched by our participants. Our guests who like videos can buy them if they want. Briefly, the rafting tour program, which we have explained without more detail, ends at 14:00 - 14:30 including breaks and lunch.

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